Dead people don’t sue Big Pharma

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Image: Dead people don’t sue Big Pharma

(Natural News) One of the main reasons 60 percent of all Americans jumped at the chance to be COVID-19 vaccinated is that they have no clue that the vaccine industry has shelled out over $4 billion in secret settlements for injuries and deaths caused directly by vaccines. This information is not found in court documents, because you cannot sue the vaccine industry for anything, ever, according to the US Congress. The vaccine industry has its own special secret “court” where they pay out millions and millions of dollars to keep the injured quiet and censor those who survive their relatives who suffer death by the vaccine.

The vaccinated sheeple may be scared to death of COVID-19, but the unvaccinated people are scared to death of vaccines, especially the spike-protein-bioweapons for the China Flu that are engineered by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Natural health advocates know about the carnage and wake of destruction dirty vaccines cause, and there are plenty of survivors of the deadly Covid vaccines who are blowing the whistle, along with doctors and scientists, around the world.

Dead people don’t protest the CDC

The cabal of criminals creating blood-clotting Covid jabs is nothing short of the nefarious villains from a Batman cartoon, plotting and planning the demise of the “good guys,” except it’s really happening. The reason the vaccine industry, along with the Biden CCP Regime, wants to get to 100% of the populace (or something close to that) Covid vaccinated is because dead people can’t sue Big Pharma or protest the CDC. They want the experimental group that receives the poison to be everyone, so nobody is left to prove the nano-particles (toxic prions) in the mRNA and protein payload injections caused the vaccine-induced genocidal wave that’s already begun.


One of the longest-reigning emperors of the Ming Dynasty used a very insidious strategy to wipe out not only his enemies but everyone whom he owed money and helped him take control. He threw a huge party just after his victory, and invited friends and foes to the event, then locked them all inside a palace and burned the place to the ground. There was nobody left in power to object to his tyrannical rule, which lasted for decades.

Today, the vaccine industry, with these blood-clotting Covid inoculations, could be viewed as the weapon of mass destruction that the “rulers” (rich white politicians and billionaires) use to wipe out anyone who opposes the narrative of the plandemic. Dead people are unable to protest, or post opposition on social media, or vote against the tyranny, and that is why Covid-19 and all of its variants were created and released, in order to sell the deadly vaccines through fear-based propaganda.

How long will the dictatorship running the “Covid Dynasty” rule? How many hundreds of millions of sheeple will die by lethal injection (spike protein vaccines)?

Nearly 40% of Americans refuse to be jabbed with the deadly Covid needles

It’s bad enough that 1 in every 68 children get autism from too many vaccines during their first years of life. It’s bad enough that millions of Americans suffer from CNS damage and brain damage from the mercury-laced multi-dose influenza vaccines. It’s bad enough that certain rotavirus vaccines given to children contain a deadly pig virus from China called circovirus, which causes deadly disorders of the intestines.

Now, 60% of Americans have received at least one jab of the most deadly, experimental shot ever created – spike protein blood-clotting Covid vaccines. These vaccine-victim’s bodies are already becoming overwhelmed with the trillions of toxic spike proteins that are polluting, obstructing, and decimating their blood vessels and vital organs, including the heart and brain.

Most likely, after the upcoming booster vaccines (final kill shots), 200 million Americans will not be around to protest the CDC and Big Pharma. They will either be incapacitated in a hospital bed in the ICU, demented to the point of no return, captured in a Covid internment sector (FEMA concentration camp), or 6 feet underground. Make no mistake, these Covid vaccines were not designed to provide immunity against anything at all, and even the FDA and the CDC are admitting that right now, as they push for the upcoming booster kill shots.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on these vaccine-induced crimes against humanity, plus get the inside scoop on the upcoming vaccine Holocaust.

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