Governments are running a real-life, nationwide Stanford PRISON experiment by granting vaccinated people special rights and privileges while treating the unvaccinated like prisoners

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Image: Governments are running a real-life, nationwide Stanford PRISON experiment by granting vaccinated people special rights and privileges while treating the unvaccinated like prisoners

(Natural News) The continued encroachment of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) no jab, no (fill in the blank) policies is devastating the social fabric of not just the United States but every country that is participating in this grand experiment in medical fascism.

For those familiar with the Stanford Prison Experiment, what we are now witnessing is a real-life manifestation of this nightmarish scenario.

Everything from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “green zone” concentration camps to the proof of vaccination policies being imposed as a requirement to eat are taken straight from the pages of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

What this experiment did was analyze human psychology in the context of Orwellian imprisonment. The experimental prisoners were arrested by real police officers in their own neighborhoods, some abusively, which led to a prisoner rebellion, guards striking back, division among the prisoners, continued escalation, and eventually a sudden end to the study because of it basically spiraling out of control.

Today, we are witnessing the Chinese Virus fascism experiment take root as society is divided along the lines of “vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated.” Those going along with the medical fascism are being trained to turn on those who refuse, and we are already seeing the early signs of mass unrest and the total breakdown of society.

How Americans respond to future forced chemical injections will prove what they are really made of

It started with the lockdowns, then came the masks, followed by Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections. Participation is still voluntary, at least in most of the country, but that is rapidly changing.

Select deep state corporations and government agencies are implementing mandatory vaccination policies, as are institutions of higher learning. Next it will be public schools for children, followed by your local grocery store – that is, if Americans let things get that far.

“Progressive” cities like New York City and San Francisco are adopting full-fascist policies almost like a testing ground, and if things go well there then it will likely spread like a virus all across the country.

We have not yet reached the point where people are being medically kidnapped out of their own homes, but the plans are in place for that to commence once the time is right.

Will the “prisoners,” in this context, revolt? Will those arresting them switch sides? Will we reach a breaking point where the narrative collapses entirely and chaos ensues?

There are many questions without answers, at this point, but many believe that we will soon find out what Americans are made of, not to mention the rest of the world.

We are seeing mass revolts in places like France where so-called “vaccine passports” are already being pushed on the people. Should they attempt that here in the U.S., will Americans follow suit? Or will the “mob morality” of the virtue-signaling injected ultimately win this war against our freedom?

“All that is necessary is that the dehumanized class arouse the blind indignation and rage necessary to incite a paroxysm of unifying violence. More relevant to current times, this primal mob energy can be harnessed toward fascistic political ends,” warns Charles Eisenstein in an article entitled, “Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed.”

“This program is well underway toward the Covid-unvaxxed, who are being portrayed as walking cesspools of germs who might contaminate the Sanctified Brethren (the vaccinated) … To prepare someone for removal as the repository of all that is evil, it helps to heap upon them every imaginable calumny. Thus we hear in mainstream publications that anti-vaxxers not only are killing people, but are raging narcissists … and tantamount to domestic terrorists.”

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