COVID INSANITY: Tennessee medical director sent herself a “dog muzzle” in fake “hate crime” hoax

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Image: COVID INSANITY: Tennessee medical director sent herself a “dog muzzle” in fake “hate crime” hoax

(Natural News) After being fired for spreading Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) misinformation, Michelle Fiscus, Tennessee’s former “medical director” was caught staging a fake “hate crime” hoax.

According to reports, Fiscus purchased and mailed to herself a dog muzzle that she falsely claimed was sent by an “extremist” in an attempt to intimidate her.

A far-left worshiper of vaccines and face masks, Fiscus was upset about being let go from her government position following her attempt to try to allow adolescents to get “vaccinated” for Chinese Germs without their parents’ permission.

Fiscus appeared on CNN, telling fake news host Anderson Cooper that she was sent the dog muzzle “anonymously” shortly before her firing.

“Someone wanted to send a message to tell her to stop talking,” announced Brad Fiscus, Michelle’s emasculated husband. “They thought it would be a threat to her.”

As it turns out, Fiscus purchased the dog collar herself on her own credit card, as uncovered by the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security through a subpoena.

Fiscus used a different Amazon account than the one she normally uses to purchase the muzzle, however she did so using her own credit card, exposing herself as a liar and a fraud.

“The results of this investigation (show) that purchases from both Amazon accounts were charged to the same American Express credit card in the name of Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus,” the investigating state agency announced.


Michelle Fiscus was also caught trying to embezzle money for her fake “nonprofit”

Before the announcement was made, Fiscus was still making the media rounds claiming that a scary terrorist sent her the muzzle in an attempt to get her to “stop talking about vaccinating people.”

Fiscus had been on a crusade to recruit as many Tennessee children as possible to get injected for the Wuhan Flu without parental consent. She was later terminated for “poor interpersonal communication skills, ineffective management and attempting to steer state money to a nonprofit she founded.”

In her defense, Fiscus claims that the health department is wrong and that she was a wonderful worker who was fired simply for trying to do her job.

Hilariously, Fiscus also tried to lie about the second Amazon account, suggesting that someone stole her identity and credit card information to make the muzzle purchase. This occurred just prior to the announcement from the state investigating agency that identified Fiscus as the culprit.

“We have now learned that a second Amazon account had been established under my name using what appears to be a temporary phone, possibly in Washington state,” a statement from Fiscus reads.

“I have asked Homeland Security for the unredacted report so that I can investigate further and am awaiting their response.”

The “red” states especially can expect a whole lot more of this type of insanity from left-wing bureaucrats trying to differentiate themselves from the overall political leanings of their states.

“Coo-coo-coo-coo, the lady is nuts,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press about Fiscus, who tried, but failed, to pull a play from the Jussie Smollett book of hate crime hoaxes.

“I’m just thankful the healthcare professional didn’t have the brain power to pay cash,” joked another.

“Wait, aren’t we supposed to ‘believe all women’ no matter what?” joked yet another. “I thought we learned something with the Kavanaugh hearings. There’s NO WAY this woman would lie. Or maybe she doesn’t ‘identify’ as a ‘woman?’ Damn, this stuff just gets more confusing as the days go by.”

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