Alex Jones was right! Goes viral on Twitter for exposing fetal organ harvesting

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Image: Alex Jones was right! Goes viral on Twitter for exposing fetal organ harvesting

(Natural News) Infowars founder Alex Jones was trending on Twitter Thursday after users pointed out he was criticized in 2019 for claiming aborted babies were having their organs harvested, an allegation now publicly admitted.

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Twitter user Jack Posobiec, who has a massive following, tweeted Washington Free Beacon article on Thursday that admitted government-funded researchers have been seeking aborted minorities for organ harvesting.

Popular YouTuber “The Quartering” commented on the Posobiec tweet, saying, “*Places quarter in Alex Jones was right jar.”

Posobiec published another tweet criticizing social media for banning the prophetic Alex Jones Show host, writing, “There one was a man who went around warning the government and scientists were harvesting baby organs, funding China to make chimeric viruses, and deploying federal agents for domestic plots but all of social media banned him 3 years ago.”

Posobiec posted mainstream media headlines mocking Jones for his baby harvesting “conspiracy” next to new articles proving he was right all along.

The viral Twitter trend followed a report from Judicial Watch Tuesday claiming the Department of Health and Human Services had funded a University of Pittsburgh project which procured tissues from aborted babies – to the tune of $2.7 million.

The report, obtained via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, revealed the university has been “collecting fetal tissue for over 10 years … include[ing] liver, heart, gonads, legs, brain, genitourinary tissues including kidneys, ureters and bladders.”

According to pro-life advocate David Daleiden, the documents show the University basically admitted that its fetal samples are derived from live babies.

“BREAKING: the University of Pittsburgh ADMITTED to news media today that ‘ischemia’—the loss of blood supply—does not happen until AFTER they cut the kidneys out of an aborted baby,” Daleiden reporrted Wednesday.

“The fetuses are delivered alive. This is either partial-birth abortion, or infanticide.”


Video of Jones’ 2019 appearance on The Joe Rogan Show also went viral after Posobiec commented that the clip, in which he discussed fetal organ harvesting, is frequently shared out of context.

Jones’ outrage at the time of the episode, provoked by jiu-jitsu fighter Eddie Bravo, was directed toward Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s comments suggesting he supported infanticide.

“I came here, and I proved they’re keeping babies alive and taking their organs,” Jones told Bravo. “They admitted that.”

“The Senate voted Monday to keep it legal…They f***ing did it, Bravo. And you can’t f***ng admit they’re killing already-born kids, so you’re telling me it isn’t real when they had a f***ing vote in the god***n f***ing Senate.”

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