Tyrannical left working to create vaccine “caste system” in America by punishing the unvaccinated and excluding them from society

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Image: Tyrannical left working to create vaccine “caste system” in America by punishing the unvaccinated and excluding them from society

(Natural News) If you’re someone who never thought they’d live to see a day in America when we returned to the bad old days of segregation and a “caste system” society — which, by the way, we fixed a long time ago through civil war, constitutional amendments, and statutory law — then get in line, because you’re far from alone.

Only today, it’s not skin color, per se, or socioeconomic status: It’s whether or not you have agreed to take an experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

While the federal government, so far, has not attempted to mandate vaccines for all Americans, the Biden regime announced earlier this month that federal workers and contractors are going to have to get the jab if they want to keep their jobs — or suffer the weekly indignant experience of being tested.

Meanwhile, American corporations are lining up to force their workers to get the vaccine, as are academic institutions of higher learning.

But some people are fighting back against this new vaccine caste system, and it’s about time.

The Defender, a publication of the Children’s Defense Fund, reports:

George Mason University (GMU) is threatening employees with disciplinary action that includes “unpaid leave or possible loss of employment” if they don’t comply with the public university’s vaccine mandate.

On Aug. 4, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), a nonpartisan, nonprofit civil rights group, filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on behalf of Antonin Scalia Law School Professor Todd Zywicki against GMU’s unconstitutional reopening policy for the Fall 2021 semester.


“The policy requires all unvaccinated faculty and staff members, including those who can demonstrate natural immunity through recovery from a prior COVID-19 infection, to not only disclose their vaccination status as ‘a prerequisite for eligibility for any merit pay increases,’ but also be forced into choosing between their health and personal autonomy and suffering serious detriment to their professional careers,” the outlet continued.

Mind you, this isn’t the first time Americans have been forced to take a medicine — vaccine requirements are in all 50 states for children beginning school. But it’s the first time in modern memory we’ve been required by entities to take an experimental vaccine.

But again, if Americans don’t take the jab, they are being ostracized and relegated to second-class status.

In far-left New York City, the Marxist mayor, Bill de Blasio, has just declared, unilaterally, that if anyone wants to enjoy indoor dining or enter any number of other venues, they have to show proof of getting a COVID-19 vaccine. That requirement is spreading around the country as we publish this story, in fact.

So, see the pattern? The tyrannical left is continuing to use COVID to steal Americans’ liberties just like they’ve done since the beginning of the pandemic in February-March 2020. We’ve gone from locking down for “two weeks to slow the spread” to “you can’t fully participate in society if you don’t have a vaccine.”

As Natural News founder and editor, Mike Adams, pointed out in a recent column:

What’s even more disturbing in all this is the fact that many people have made a conscious choice to avoid vaccines because of previous vaccine injuries or allergic reactions. This means they have a medical disability that prohibits them from taking additional vaccines without risking serious adverse reactions or death. Yet in a society where it’s illegal to discriminate against people with physical disabilities, it’s now being openly encouraged to discriminate against those with medical disabilities.

It’s the equivalent of a restaurant owner in New York City tearing down the wheelchair ramps and posting a sign, “Handicapped not welcome here” … which would be abhorrent (and illegal).

Or imagine if a fitness gym set up shop in New York City and posted a sign, “No lesbians allowed.” They would be burned down by angry lesbians wielding Molotov cocktails, pitchforks and torches.

Yet Mayor de Blasio essentially just told every NYC business to post a sign that says, “Unvaccinated aren’t welcome here,” thereby discriminating against people for who they are.

And there is a racial component to this: Blacks make up the biggest portion of the population refusing to get a COVID vaccine.

Our country is being torn asunder by leftists using COVID as the vehicle. We have to stand up, collectively, and say “no more.”

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