“Long Covid” is Fauci’s code phrase for long-term vaccine damage

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Image: “Long Covid” is Fauci’s code phrase for long-term vaccine damage

(Natural News) According to Anthony Fauci, who flip-flops Covid safety advice nearly daily, a new syndrome has arrived called “long COVID,” and it’s a whole series of long-term health conditions caused by the Covid vaccines, but blamed on the virus. These “conditions” including fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of senses, including smell, taste, sight and hearing. Long-term means it may never subside or go away, by the way. This is all according to new studies that have emerged, but are getting buried by MSM.

“Long Covid” is the cover story now for debilitating Covid vaccine side effects and adverse events

Every day now we are hearing that Delta is spreading, yet there’s no test for it. How odd. Now Fauci is all smiles while explaining that a new, more deadly Covid variant called Lambda is seeking humans for mass destruction. The variants were the first alibi for vaccine-induced injuries and deaths, but since Delta is so weak, the narrative is shifting quickly to “Deadly Lambda” and “Long Covid” as the reason tens of thousands of people are dying from rare “events” like sudden blood clots in the lungs, brain and stomach appearing just days after Covid vaccination.

To top it all off, Fauci admitted that the Covid vaccines are literally responsible for spreading disease. In other words, herd theory is blown wide open as a hoax because the vaccinated sheeple are shedding and spreading their injected GM disease onto each other, especially since the trillions of miniscule blood clots caused by the Covid jabs are causing the immune system to be weaker, and blood flow to be severely limited on oxygen and nutrients. Add the oxygen-depriving Covid masks all day and you have a real pandemic, and it’s almost all between the Covid-vaccinated, which turns out to be 50 percent of all Americans.


Fauci claims “breakthrough” cases, meaning people who get vaccinated and still get a light case of Covid afterwards, are susceptible to “Long Covid”

“We already know that people who get breakthrough infections and don’t go on to get advanced disease requiring hospitalization, they too are susceptible to long COVID,” Fauci claims. This is the ultimate cover for vaccines that not only do NOT work, but cause damage to the body, including damage to the vascular system, motor skills, respiratory tract, the 5 senses and overall immune function.

Anyone suffering from vaccine damage is quickly labeled “anti-vax” and “anti-science” if they talk about it on social media or inform the media in any way. Then all of their health detriment that’s caused by the mRNA and “protein payload injections” are all blamed on Covid variants and “Long Covid,” a completely made-up term that Fauci doesn’t mind using because everything else he’s said has turned out to be made up also.

Realize that if someone you know is pro-vaccine right now, that also means they are anti-science, because if they would look at the science, they would clearly see that vaccines are not safe or effective, but rather dangerous and defective.

Breakthrough cases happen because the Covid vaccines barely work, and when they do, they wane in power within a month or two, down to a very low, ineffective percentage of approximately 15 to 20 percent. That’s why the whole vaccine industry, including the CDC and NIH, are calling for Covid vaccines to be mandatory and happen every three months, to fight the new “variants” and as “boosters” when the fake vaccines “wear off.”

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