Why isn’t anyone being held responsible for the vax deaths?

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Image: Why isn’t anyone being held responsible for the vax deaths?

(Natural News) The reason no one and no organization is being held responsible for the vax deaths of thousands of citizens is simple; the US government along with the corporations they are aligned with are running a “Structured Criminal Enterprise”.

(Article by George Eaton republished from RumorMillNews.com)

The system is set up to eliminate responsibility so that from the top down every one is not held responsible. This is why they get away with starting wars and sending our soldiers back in boxes. This is why they can solicit the help from the liberal news media to promote a death vax that has killed thousands and no one is responsible. This is why lives are being uprooted, diminished and families broken apart because of the invasion of foreigners to take our jobs away and lower wages.

Every government entity including the police, the military, the courts, the education system, the corporations, the social media, the medical professions, the hospitals and the religious system all work hand in glove to bully the public into doing what ever the leaders at the top tell them to do.

This is a massive brainwashing program that is set up in a structured and engineered system to control the population into doing exactly what they want, even unto death. And if free thinking individuals complain, they are considered the bad guys and the rebellious ones, labelled by the zombie citizens, that deserve to be rounded up and put in concentration camps.

Free thinking people, the conservatives and independent thinkers, are now classified as “Enemy Number 1” that must be sent away or eradicated from society so the rest of the compliant slaves can live in their communist utopia.
What we are seeing is the total break down of society and the overthrow of this American system by communist change agents – that have their minions to do violence in our cities and have no qualms of killing any number of people that get in their way.


We are being constantly attacked and our freedoms and rights taken away by steady increments. But they still haven’t made a major attack that would wake up the sleeping giant of Americans that would finally see the danger and be ready to defend this nation. If the government made a decree that an inoculation was mandatory, that would be the red line that would make the patriots go into action against anyone that would try to enforce such an unconstitutional action.

Unfortunately, since that may be well known as a red line, the politicians and their devious social planners, may create a chaotic event like a war or a terrorist event that would bypass the issue for the moment and place the nation under a war footing or martial law. They don’t come at the people head on every time, they come at us sideways when our guard is down. Chaos is their weapon of choice to exploit so they can maneuver the masses like so much cattle and manipulate them into accepting their “final solution”. George Eaton

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