Shock experiment: Americans sign petition to ARREST and JAIL unvaccinated

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Image: Shock experiment: Americans sign petition to ARREST and JAIL unvaccinated

(Natural News) Vaccinated people want their fellow Americans arrested if they refuse to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, in a shocking new stunt by media commentator Mark Dice.

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In the social experiment, Dice approaches people in San Diego, California, asking them to sign a petition to force-vaccinate Americans, throwing those in jail who won’t get jabbed.

“I don’t want to hear any of this, ‘My body, my choice stuff,” Dice says, encouraging one of the petition signers.

“You know, desperate times call for desperate measures,” he tells another petition endorser.

“Well, there’s got to be some criminal penalties for those who refuse to take the vaccine,” Dice tells another petition signee, adding, “and if they’re not gonna make that decision, then we can put them into jail and they can think about why it is that they’re refusing, and when they decide to take it we can let them back out amongst the rest of us.”

While many readily signed the form, others were offended by the petition, with one man calling it “fascism!”

“You want to arrest people for not getting a vaccine? You’re a scumbag dude,” a surfer tells Dice, oblivious to the stunt.

The experiment shows how deep the indoctrination goes, as Big Pharma and their media cohorts continue to blast vaccine propaganda non-stop.

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