Kuwait bans overseas travel for unvaccinated people

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Image: Kuwait bans overseas travel for unvaccinated people

(Natural News) Kuwait announced that only citizens vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) will be allowed to travel abroad beginning Aug. 1. The Kuwaiti government’s July 27 announcement effectively banned unvaccinated people from leaving the country. It followed the loosening of some coronavirus restrictions in the Gulf nation and the resumption of activities except for gatherings.

The July 27 announcement from the Kuwaiti Center for Government Communication (CGC) noted exceptions to the new rule. It said that children below the age of 16 and pregnant women who have a proof of pregnancy certificate from Kuwaiti authorities are exempted. Furthermore, the CGC announcement added that those with a certificate from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health saying that they cannot be vaccinated are exempted likewise.

The CGC announcement also noted that Kuwaitis traveling abroad must hold health insurance during their overseas trip. The health insurance should also cover COVID-19 treatments, it added.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) also released an announcement on the same day. It stated that all arrivals in Kuwait must have a negative COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and show no symptoms before boarding their flights. The DCGA added that upon arrival, incoming travelers must undergo home quarantine for seven days – unless they show a negative result following another PCR test inside Kuwait.

Kuwait also announced the direct flights to Morocco and the Maldives will resume on Aug. 1. The Gulf country reported its highest number of daily COVID-19 cases on July 6 with 1,993 new infections. However, case numbers went on a downhill trend in recent weeks.


The Kuwaiti government lifted a number of COVID-19 restrictions on July 26. CGC Head Tareq Al-Mezrem said some activities will be resumed, but only vaccinated Kuwaitis will be allowed to take part. He added that special activities for children will be opened once more beginning Sept. 1 but only with vaccinated children permitted.

Unvaccinated Kuwaitis will have their movement restricted

Al-Mezrem added that people who are not inoculated against COVID-19 can only visit a limited number of establishments starting Aug. 1. These establishments included government buildings, medical facilities, pharmacies, consumer cooperative societies and food and beverage outlets.

Under the new rule announced July 27, unvaccinated Kuwaitis will be prohibited from flying out of the country. In order to travel, Kuwaitis should be inoculated with one of the COVID-19 vaccine candidates approved by the government. According to the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, Kuwait approved four vaccines – the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna and the adenoviral vector vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

Kuwaitis wishing to travel should also have their vaccination status verified using the Immune Mobile App. According to an article by law firm Berry Appleman & Leiden, the app will display a red color with the words “not vaccinated” for unvaccinated individuals. Those vaccinated with at least one dose for less than 14 days will have the word “vaccinated” in red color. Lastly, individuals who received at least one vaccine dose for 14 days or more will have the word “vaccinated” and a green color in their mobile app.

Vaccinated Kuwaitis need to show the Immune Mobile App with the word “vaccinated” and the color green before they can travel. However, it will take up to three days before the vaccination status on the app is updated. (Related: Saudi Arabia to fine people $133,000 for HIDING health details upon entry.)

Incidentally, the Kuwaiti government’s decision to limit the movement of unvaccinated citizens was similar to that of Israel. Activist Ilana Rachel Daniel of the Israeli Rappeh Health Party warned of a “medical apartheid” targeting unvaccinated Israelis in a March 2021 video. She said: “When you don’t take the vaccine, your life is basically over.”

Daniel said unvaccinated people in Israel are prohibited from entering shopping malls and theaters. Israelis above 16 years old who did not get inoculated were not allowed to take their examinations. Furthermore, Daniel said that local governments receive medical dossiers on residents to check if they were vaccinated or not.

In a later report, Daniel mentioned the Israeli government’s “green pass” which served to distinguish vaccinated and unvaccinated Israelis. She cited one example of the pass’s use – restaurants are permitted to let green pass holders eat indoors, while those without the pass can only eat outdoors. Establishments violating the rule would face fines, she added.

“They’re making this green passport where half the population cannot get into theaters, malls or all sorts of things unless you have taken the vaccination,” Daniel said. (Related: Medical apartheid: Israel imposes “green passport” program barring unvaccinated from participation in society.)

MedicalTyranny.com has more stories about restrictions imposed on those who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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