‘Trump dossier’ author Christopher Steele involved in group seeking to clamp down on citizens with authoritarian COVID restrictions

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Image: ‘Trump dossier’ author Christopher Steele involved in group seeking to clamp down on citizens with authoritarian COVID restrictions

(Natural News) While former MI6 spy Christopher Steele is most associated with the “Russia dossier” hoax containing many false allegations against former President Donald Trump, many of them salacious, he is becoming better known in certain circles for his authoritarian trappings.

According to Great Game India, Steele is associated with a group that is responsible for pushing massive new authoritarian restrictions on citizens in the name of ‘protecting them’ against COVID-19.

The outlet reports that Steele is heavily involved with an organization known as “Independent SAGE, “a collective that regularly criticizes the UK government for not introducing tougher measures to achieve ‘Zero Covid.'”

Here’s the story.

Earlier this month, Britain’s Daily Telegraph reported that Independent SAGE, a highly controversial collective of scientists who all advocate for extremely harsh COVID restrictions, created a campaign called “The Citizens,” which is being led by a journalist for left-wing outlet The Guardian — Carole Cadwalladr.

After the report came out, Cadwalladr ripped the report, adding that the connection between both organizations had been posted to Independent SAGE’s website for a year-and-a-half, “which is true, although the scientist collective seems very much keen to downplay it, merely referring to The Citizens as ‘a small support team’ helping with public events and media activities,” Great Game India noted.

The outlet went on to point out, however, that Cadwalladr recently updated her Twitter bio to include her as a “co-founder” of The Citizens, the “parent” of Independent SAGE, as well as The Citizens’ Twitter account, where it is described as the “founder and producer” of Independent SAGE.

“The reasons for this chasmic discrepancy aren’t certain, although the most glaring oddity at the heart of The Citizens – unacknowledged by The Telegraph, and never before reported upon by the mainstream media – is undoubtedly that former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, author of the utterly discredited Trump-Russia dossier, is seemingly involved in the endeavor in some way,” Great Game India noted.

Firstlight Group, a public relations firm representing Independent SAGE, discounted Steele’s involvement as just one of many “unpaid advisers” who were brought in before The Citizens launched.


“He has never played any active or other role in the organization or Independent SAGE,” the PR firm said, though in a followup email, Firstlight admitted that the former spy is in “a network of pro-bono advisors we can call upon as needed.”

That explanation suggests that Steele can be called upon anytime to support The Citizens, and, by default, Independent SAGE as well.

“What’s nonetheless clear is that Cadwalladr has long-been a fervent advocate of Steele, and frequently ended up in extremely close quarters with the purportedly former spook, as several photos of the pair together, and screengrabs of Zoom conversations with one another, surely attest,” Great Game India reported, listing a tweet from Cadwalladr’s account in which she posts a photo from a Zoom call that does not show anyone before asking followers to identify the person as part of an impromptu contest.

Other tweets show her with Steele and others in various social settings.

“This relationship has endured despite Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation failing to validate, if not outright disproving, most of the incendiary allegations made in Steele’s dossier alleging co-operation between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government in 2016,” Great Game India added.

“This excerpt raises serious questions about whether Cadwalladr’s journalistic output and social media postings on the pandemic represent a conflict of interest, given she has repeatedly advocated Independent SAGE’s harsh proposals for dealing with coronavirus,” the report notes further.

Mueller’s probe was a sham too, if you recall: Nothing was found to prove Trump was guilty of anything except being the last guy the deep state in DC wanted to win the presidency. So ‘they’ used assets like Steele to try and manufacture narratives that the founder of “MAGA” was some kind of double agent Manchurian president.

But apparently, as this report notes, Steele and Cadwalladr are part of Britain’s ‘deep state’ — a gang of authoritarians who hate freedom and personal liberty and who are also using COVID to take away rights.

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