5 Reasons why motorcycles are the best bug out vehicles

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Image: 5 Reasons why motorcycles are the best bug out vehicles

(Natural News) Motorcycles are essential means of transportation for preppers like yourself, especially when SHTF and you want to get out of disaster zones quickly.

Not only that, but motorcycles can also have other important advantages for preppers like yourself. Here are five of them.

Easy storage

If you don’t want your car stolen during chaotic SHTF situations, you need to put it in a garage. Cars not in garages are easily spotted. This makes them easy targets for other people who are desperate to escape but do not have effective transport.

Motorcycles do not have this problem. They are very small and can be kept almost anywhere with relative safety. They are significantly less likely to attract unwanted attention.

In cities, you can hide motorcycles in secluded alleyways and in other nooks and crannies. In more rural areas, you can simply hide the on the sides of the road, provided there’s enough vegetation or other material that can help you cover up your bug out vehicle.

Fuel economy

During disasters, fuel becomes scarce. This means you need a vehicle that can take you as far away from disaster zones as possible without needing to refill fuel tanks.

The average car can get you 24.9 miles per gallon (mpg). The average motorcycle can get you 35 to 40 mpg. With some fuel efficiency upgrades to your survival motorcycle, you can get this up to as high as 60 mpg.

Load lugging

While it may not seem like it, motorcycles can actually carry a lot more stuff than you realize. You can carry a large bug-out backpack and you can strap all sorts of stuff onto the back and the sides of your motorcycle.


You can even take on extra fuel by installing auxiliary tanks or containers for fuel bottles and containers.

Avoid obstacles

One major problem of getting out of cities and high-density population areas during disasters is the amount of roadblocks you have to deal with. Highways become clogged very quickly with people in their vehicles who also want to leave. (Related: Here’s why having a motorcycle might save your life when SHTF.)

But with a motorcycle, traffic jams and other significant roadblocks become less of a problem. Your motorcycle can easily get around cars and other vehicles and slip through other small gaps in the road.

When it comes to human obstacles, such as desperate people who want to steal your vehicle, a motorcycle is also very handy. It’s more difficult to block a motorcycle’s path and run away from would-be vehicle thieves and supply looters.

Cost to purchase and maintain

Motorcycles are significantly cheaper than cars. The average price of a new car is over $40,000, and trends show that it is going to get even more expensive. Even used-car prices are going up, having surpassed $25,000 in May.

Meanwhile, entry-level motorcycle models are significantly cheaper. They can cost you from $4,000 to $6,000. Used models can cost similarly and significantly less. There are even dirt bike models – great for off-road bugging out – that you can get for around $1,000 or less.

Not only are motorcycles significantly cheaper than vehicles, they are also easier to fix and maintain. Repairing motorcycles is far simpler than repairing cars thanks to the fact that motorcycles have fewer moving parts due to smaller engine size.

So long as you take the time to learn all the gears in your motorcycle and have the knowledge to fix it, maintaining it should not be too much of a problem.

The five advantages of motorcycles listed above can hopefully provide you with an overview of why you should bug out using a motorcycle.

If this list has convinced you to prep with a motorcycle, now is the best time to practice using it. Practice riding with it on both paved highways and in dirt tracks and other off-road conditions you feel you might encounter while bugging out. Also, practice how to pick it up when it has fallen over. The weight of the motorcycle might surprise you the first time you try to pick it up.

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