Globalists now blame RUSSIANS and RACISM for “vaccine hesitancy”

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Image: Globalists now blame RUSSIANS and RACISM for “vaccine hesitancy”

(Natural News) After the Biden regime failed to reach the July 4th vaccination goals set forth by the globalists, Biden announced a new plan to send government workers to the homes of the unvaccinated to combat widespread “vaccine hesitancy.”

“Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and often times door-to-door — literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” Biden stumbled through the script.

The goal is to coerce, bribe and intimidate every man, woman and child to submit their mind to false authority so more people will relinquish their rights and give up their human dignity to a global genetic experiment that has turned out to be destructive and deadly. The principles of informed consent and medical privacy are under assault like never before, as governments continue to practice medicine illegally, deceiving the public with medical fraud.

And now, in the push for total vaccine obedience, the globalists are now blaming RUSSIA and RACISM for “vaccine hesitancy.” These messages have already appeared in the journal Nature. This propaganda is all part of the globalist’s desperate plan to manipulate and divide, as they continue on with their crimes against humanity.

Nature Journal claims unvaccinated people are aggressive, fueled by Russian disinformation

The Nature propaganda piece is titled, “COVID vaccines: time to confront anti-vax aggression.” The title automatically labels unvaccinated people as “aggressive” — gaslighting millions of peaceful Americans who are tired of being bombarded by vaccine propaganda, who are sick of being pushed around by vaccine coercion and so-called “vaccine requirements.”


The propaganda also blames Russian intelligence organizations for discrediting Western covid-19 vaccines. The article states, “Investigations by the US State Department and the UK Foreign Office have described how Russian intelligence organizations seek to discredit Western COVID-19 vaccines.” The article credits ‘President’ Joe Biden for warning “Russian media groups to halt their anti-vaccine aggression.” This propaganda tactic was also used by Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany to socially ostracize a certain class of people and convince the public that they are undesirable traitors, a threat to the nation.

Nature Journal claims unvaccinated people are fueled by “racism”

The propaganda piece uses worn-out, race baiting tactics to paint “anti-vaxxers” as violent racists. The weaponized propaganda tries to turn the vaccine-compliant against their own family, friends and neighbors, so they will continue to support the segregation of the unvaccinated from society.

The propaganda states, “Many far-right extremist groups that spread false information about last year’s US presidential election are doing the same about vaccines.” The article accuses “anti-vaccine groups” with targeting Black communities, citing an “anti-vaccine documentary” that vilifies COVID-19 vaccine testing among African Americans. That documentary, titled “Medical Racism” was released in March 2021; it points out the simple fact that the vaccine industry targets Black communities. Imagine that: Anyone who points out the vaccine industry’s flagrant act of medical racism and racial profiling is now accused of being the racist!

An NPR piece by Junaid Nabi tried to paint the unvaccinated as “privileged” whose vaccine hesitancy is a smack in the face to African children who don’t have the same access to the vaccines.

Countries around the world are dehumanizing the unvaccinated, profiling and segregating them from public places. A June 28 Forbes article titled “No Shot, No Service: Abu Dhabi to Ban Unvaccinated People from Most Public Places” celebrates this segregation, vilifying the “vaccine hesitant” with terms like “plague rat.” Throughout history, this segregation and dehumanization never ends well. The perpetrators and co-conspirators of this evil, and the good men and women who stand idly by, will ultimately face spiritual affliction and wrath, and the smite of justice.

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