FBI now an entrapment agency, setting innocent Americans up in schemes like Capitol riot, Whitmer ‘kidnapping’

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Image: FBI now an entrapment agency, setting innocent Americans up in schemes like Capitol riot, Whitmer ‘kidnapping’

(Natural News) In what many see as further proof that the FBI has gone completely rogue and must be shut down for good, a new report shows that the bureau used at least a dozen operatives to set up a small group of Michigan men in a ‘plot’ to “kidnap” Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last summer amid ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns.

The Epoch Times, citing a new court filing in the ongoing federal case, reported that a lawyer for one of the defendants noted that the government has identified at least a dozen FBI operatives involved in what was nothing more than an entrapment, since the subjects involved had no plans for Whitmer until they were essentially goaded into the plot by the bureau.

The sources “were assisted by FBI agents working undercover,” Scott Graham, representing defendant Kaleb Franks, said.

“Kaleb is entitled to raise the alternative defense of entrapment. If a jury finds that Kaleb agreed with anyone to kidnap Governor Whitmer, the same jury could find that Kaleb was induced to participate by government agents,” Graham wrote in a motion to filed with the federal judge hearing the case.

“Kaleb is entitled to fully explore and present this defense. To do this, Kaleb needs access to the CHS files maintained by the government. These files are required by FBI and [Department of Justice] rules and will provide crucial information regarding entrapment issues that will not be available elsewhere,” he added.

The Epoch Times continued:

Federal prosecutors last year charged Franks and five others with planning to kidnap Whitmer, a Democrat. Another seven men were charged on the state level.


Richard Trask II, an FBI special agent, wrote in an affidavit supporting the criminal complaint that the bureau “relied on information provided by Confidential Human Sources (CHS) and Undercover Employees (UCE) over several months.”

The FBI vetted each source and none of the sources were aware of others “in order to preserve the independence of their reporting,” he said.

“Franks and four other defendants have pleaded not guilty while the sixth hit with a federal charge pleaded guilty in January to conspiring to kidnap the governor. Ty Garbin, who faces life in prison, promised to cooperate with authorities in the case,” the outlet continued.

This isn’t even the most recent high-profile FBI entrapment case.

Last month, Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Revolver News latched onto details contained in federal court papers listing “unindicted co-conspirators” who were allegedly involved in the Capitol “riot.” In the past, that term has been utilized by federal prosecutors to denote FBI informants and undercover agents who worked to foment and illicit illegal behavior from individuals who otherwise would not have committed any crime.

In the case of the Capitol assault, several hundred supporters of President Donald Trump were swept up in the moment and encouraged by those same operatives to “storm the Capitol” while lawmakers were meeting inside to certify the election theft on behalf of Joe Biden.

Trained observers who can spot instigators of unrest and riots spotted dozens of men who were ‘out of place’ at the Capitol that day; regimented, disciplined, ranks of men dressed in camouflage and sporting body armor and other protective equipment — just the kind of gear you wouldn’t see people wearing if they were just in D.C. to hear Trump’s speech that day.

What’s more, we also now know that the deep state FBI was spying on so-called “right-wing extremists” months before the Capitol incident.

“The FBI’s requests for access to masses of electronic communications harvested by the National Security Agency (NSA) is revealed in a newly declassified report from the United States’ secret surveillance court,” the Daily Mail reported in recent days, revealing the FBI didn’t act alone.

“It shows the FBI has continued to perform warrantless searches through the NSA’s most sensitive databases for routine criminal investigations, despite being told by a federal judge in 2018 and 2019 that such a use was an unconstitutional breach of privacy,” the outlet added.

Our ‘justice’ institutions no longer serve the people, the target the people.

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