Teacher accused of “harassment” for opposing use of sexually explicit LGBTQ books in her middle school classroom

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Image: Teacher accused of “harassment” for opposing use of sexually explicit LGBTQ books in her middle school classroom

(Natural News) A transgender librarian who works at a public middle school in Massachusetts has launched a “social justice” crusade against a teacher from the same school who opposes the use of pornographic transgender- and homosexual-themed reading materials in the classroom.

“Jordan Funke,” as the librarian calls itself, became triggered after the teacher in question, whom reports refer to as “Bonnie,” wrote and submitted a letter to the superintendent signed by herself and 18 other teachers at Baird Middle School calling for certain books to be banned from the teaching curriculum.

Bonnie explained in the letter that the books she was told to share with her students are highly inappropriate, especially for younger children. She recommended swapping them out for more “age-appropriate” reading materials for middle-schoolers.

This prompted a firestorm from Funke, who angrily accused Bonnie in a complaint of “harassment, bullying, discrimination, and hate crimes” – all because Bonnie wanted to protect her students from having their innocence destroyed by sexually deviant smut.

“Bonnie has been spreading lies about me and accusing me of sexually exploiting students,” Funke whined in the complaint. “I believe this is libel, defamation, and harassment based in part on her perception of my sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Transgenderism is a serious mental illness from which children need protection

Bonnie’s opposition to the reading materials of course had absolutely nothing to do with Funke, and everything to do with protecting her students. However, like many other narcissistic LGBTQs, Funke made the whole thing about itself while trying to destroy Bonnie’s career.


It took a bit of time, but Bonnie was able to stand her ground against the wildly false accusations made against her by Funke, who was out for blood after realizing that not everyone at its school supports sexually indoctrinating children into the religious dogmas of transgenderism.

The “harassment” charge that Funke filed against Bonnie eventually fell apart after she and her allies defended themselves at an official meeting, which was not even attended by Funke.

If Funke had actually had a case, it would have shown up to present it. Since it did not, it hid itself away hoping that the school board would rule in its favor simply because it belongs to the Cult of LGBTQ, which is typically afforded special privileges not offered to anyone else.

In this case, good won over evil, which is a rarity in today’s day and age. It is not often that we can say that, but when it happens it is worth presenting because it shows that all is not lost, at least not yet.

Because Bonnie stood up to Funke’s bullying and did not back down, she won. Let this be a lesson to all of us about the power of not backing down in the face of tyranny and evil.

“I know what they were doing,” Bonnie later stated about the case. “This was about intimidation. They were trying to quiet me down because I was openly talking against it – and with other teachers – and I put it in writing. So, they labeled me ‘hateful.'”

Parents within the district have since showered Bonnie with thanks for bravely standing up to LGBTQ tyranny on behalf of their children. She is a teacher who deserves commendation for her courageous act of love towards her students.

“It seems like ‘the inmates are running the asylum’ is an appropriate statement in such cases as this,” wrote one LifeSiteNews commenter about the situation.

“Where do they find these characters and why hire them in the school system unless they are absolutely, intentionally trying to corrupt the kids?”

More related news about the maliciously evil agenda of the Cult of LGBTQ can be found at Evil.news.

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