Macron says French citizens who want to shop, dine, travel or worship must get vaccinated for covid

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Image: Macron says French citizens who want to shop, dine, travel or worship must get vaccinated for covid

(Natural News) In order for citizens of France to enter the “new normal,” they must get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), insists French President Emmanuel Macron.

In a recent announcement, Macron outlined his plan for the new world order in France, which will require that all residents receive an injection for the Fauci Flu in order to shop, drink at bars, dine at restaurants, travel, or worship.

Pretty much no part of French life will be accessible to anyone who has not received this “mark of the beast,” proof of which will have to be shown before a person is allowed inside a grocery store or aboard an airplane.

French citizens will need to show a “sanitary pass,” which shows that their bodies are “clean” thanks to the “vaccine,” in order to gain entry into virtually anywhere outside of their own homes, including their workplaces.

“Basically, it’s going to be in all kinds of social activities, be it going to the movie theater, a theater, a restaurant, a bar, a concert hall, and all the rest,” explained Marc Perelman, France 24‘s French Politics Editor, during a recent television segment on Macron’s announcement.

“And the employees of those places will also need to get this sanitary pass,” Perelman added, revealing that Macron wants to shift the burden onto the unvaccinated as a form of punishment for their non-compliance with his directive.

Is the Biden regime conspiring with Macron to attempt similar mandates in the U.S.?

There is some speculation that perhaps China Joe will attempt something similar here in the United States, though that will immediately activate the right of Americans under the Second Amendment to protect themselves from their enemies, both foreign and domestic.


The Charles Rivkin Project says that the U.S. State Department is conspiring with the French government on “cultural and social issues” as they relate to orders coming down from the government.

It is believed that closed-door meetings are taking place to discuss strategies for implementing a mandatory injection system else, and that France is the testing ground for this mass genocide endeavor.

“Despite the wide social differences, at their core French nationalists are close in ideological alignment to Americans,” reports The Conservative Treehouse. “France is one of the few states left in Western Europe with the remnant of a national consciousness.”

“Keep a close eye on this … it would not surprise me to see the U.S. government watching the French public reaction to gauge whether they too can begin a similar dictate.”

They can try, but the response will not be pretty. There is a reason why America’s founding fathers enshrined the right to bear arms within our Constitution, and it was precisely for such a time as this if necessary to thwart an attempt by rogue politicians to forcibly penetrate people’s bodies against their will.

There is zero evidence to suggest that Chinese Virus jabs do anything other than kill people, and yet government overlords feel as though they are entitled to dictate that everyone take them or else be restricted from participating in society.

“I realize they’ve been pushing, and pushing, and pushing us into a hot civil war – that is their goal,” wrote one commenter at The Conservative Treehouse. “They are hoping to light the match, and they keep trying, and we keep holding our tempers.”

“I refuse to give in to this warmongering regime. I will stand my ground. God help them. Please believe this in the core of your souls. There are more of us than them. They aren’t going to win this. God is on our side. Walk in confidence, not fear. We are not slaves. We are free people – walk in that.”

Forcing people to get injected with a foreign substance against their will is a form of medical rape. To learn more, visit

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