LIES: Cuomo says gun industry exclusively immune to lawsuits… what about the vaccine industry?

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Image: LIES: Cuomo says gun industry exclusively immune to lawsuits… what about the vaccine industry?

(Natural News) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has launched a legal crusade against the firearms industry, falsely alleging that gun manufacturers are “the only industry in America with immunity from civil lawsuits.”

Completely ignoring the fact that the vaccine industry also maintains total immunity against lawsuits – people injured by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) also cannot sue Big Pharma for damages – Cuomo has constructed a fantasy reality in which those who are injured by guns can somehow blame gun manufacturers.

“The gun industry is the only industry in America with immunity from civil lawsuits,” Cuomo tweeted in an announcement.

“It’s an insult to victims of gun violence … Today I’m signing legislation to reinstate public nuisance liability for gun manufacturers in NYS (New York State) … I thank sponsors @SenatorMyrie & @PatriciaFahy109.”

Applying Cuomo’s “logic” to other industries, someone hit by a car should also be allowed to sue the automobile industry. The same goes for someone who chokes on a piece of fruit: he or she should be allowed to sue the migrant farmers who picked it.

Cuomo, of course, belongs in prison for his crimes against humanity. Instead, he is still roaming free and occupying a public office, from which he is once again assaulting the Second Amendment.

The Constitution defines Cuomo as a domestic enemy and a threat to freedom and liberty. The question is: Does anyone even care anymore?

This writer certainly does, and hopefully you do, too. Cuomo’s act of aggression against gun rights is the first of its kind to ever come via executive order with his recent declaration that gun violence is a “disaster emergency” that needs immediate attention.


“We went from one epidemic to another epidemic,” Cuomo ranted during a recent speech. “We went from covid to the epidemic of gun violence. More people are dying of gun violence than of covid.”

Andrew Cuomo is a domestic enemy, as defined by the Constitution

More people are dying of covid vaccine injury than gun violence and covid combined, it turns out. Cuomo made no mention of this, though, while delivering his “solution” to the problem of gun rights.

Cuomo is obviously scared of Americans’ right to bear arms because he knows he falls in the category of someone for whom the Second Amendment exists in the first place.

Read the Constitution for yourself and see what it has to say about tyrants like Cuomo.

Enemies, both foreign and domestic, are to be stopped from harming America, and Cuomo knows this. That is why he is now aggressively pushing to dismantle the Second Amendment by making gun manufacturers liable for the misuse of firearms.

Rather than prosecuting actual crime, Cuomo wants those who commit gun crimes to be immune from liability while the manufacturers of the weapons they used to commit crimes are held liable for crimes they did not commit.

This is the “logic” of gun-hating Democrats, by the way, who are never consistent in their application of anything. Sure, the Republicans have their problems, too, but the type of lunacy being propagated by Cuomo against gun rights is uniquely absurd and nonsensical.

“Why isn’t this a**hole out of office and in jail where the murdering SOB belongs?” asked one commenter at Citizen Free Press, getting right to the point.

“It would appear that Gov. Cuomo has complete immunity from prosecution of rape and the murder of thousands of his state’s elderly population,” wrote another. “It’s a complete insult to the citizens of New York … at least those who haven’t already fled the state.”

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