Failing mainstream “journalists” demand censorship of their thriving competition

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Image: Failing mainstream “journalists” demand censorship of their thriving competition

(Natural News) The wildly popular independent publishing platform Substack is under attack by the failing mainstream media, which continues to lob laughably false accusations at journalists like Glenn Greenwald, formerly of The Intercept, in an attempt to silence them.

Because left-wing fake news hacks like Ryan Broderick, formerly of Buzzfeed, have no chance at competing against credible journalists like Greenwald, their only alternative is to attack their competition in mob-like formation.

Much like the other children besides Charlie who showcased their spoiled selves in the cult classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the fake news brigade believes that only they should have a voice in media.

Failures like Broderick think that journalism revolves only around them. Anything else is “assault” without consent, which is essentially how Broderick described Greenwald’s work in a piece that Broderick wrote attacking him.

“As it turns out, we did not have to wait long for the initiation of the censorship campaign aimed at Substack,” Greenwald writes about his new preferred platform. “It has arrived.”

“And amazingly, the trigger for it was my criticism of the work of a front-page New York Times reporter which, as I wrote yesterday, is – like all criticisms of journalists in Good Standing and Decent Liberal Society – being recast as ‘abuse’ and ‘harassment’ and ‘violence’ in order to justify the banning and outlawing of that criticism.”

The piece Greenwald wrote that he is referring to specifically called out the Times, CNN, and NBC News for failing to live up to even basic journalistic standards. For saying this, Greenwald was skewered by Broderick.


“While reluctantly conceding that I did not ‘dox’ anyone, [Broderick] called the article ‘a vicious screed’ and said that the danger signs from my critiques of corporate journalists are clear: ‘online harassment is a constantly evolving process of boundary testing.'”

Far-left “journalists” are nothing but spoiled, demanding crybabies

The irony, of course, is that Broderick is of the stripe that is constantly whining about “white privilege” and light-skinned “entitlement,” both characteristics that perfectly fit himself.

Imagine demanding, as Broderick and others are, that those who within their own professions say things you prefer not to hear be silenced from the internet and media. Is this not the very definition of fascism?

If anyone in the independent media ever made such demands against the corporate media, we would never hear the end about how indy news is literally Hitler. When Broderick does it, though, it is a brave show of virtue signaling for “decency” in media.

Greenwald is also partially famous for exposing MSNBC as a propaganda extension of the CIA.

Greenwald hits hard, in other words, which is why he is hated by many of the talking head lightweights who prefer to get their marching orders from the deep state entities that Greenwald is exposing.

Unlike Broderick, Greenwald does what journalists used to do, which is dig up the truth and expose. Broderick and his ilk do the opposite by rejecting the truth and exchanging it with lies.

“They specialize in trying to ruin people’s reputations and wreck their lives – not just other journalists but private citizens – but the minute someone objects to their journalism or what they say or do, they summon a team of teachers, psychologists, therapy dogs, digital police officers and tech executives to demand that their critics be silenced and their anguish be treated,” Greenwald says about these fake journalists.

“They really do believe that the world should be organized so as to authorize them to attack whoever they want, while banning anyone who criticizes them when they do it.”

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