With the blueprint for medical martial law being traced back decades, the great bug out has arrived as Americans get out of the Democrat run cities across America while they still can

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Image: With the blueprint for medical martial law being traced back decades, the great bug out has arrived as Americans get out of the Democrat run cities across America while they still can

(Natural News) Nearly 20 years ago now, all the way back on August 1st of 2002, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) published this story titled “A Model For Medical Tyranny” within which they warned that in the wake of September 11th, every US state had been asked to enact a law providing for unprecedented, comprehensive health surveillance and medical martial law.

(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)

As that story had reported, the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), would provide a state’s governor with sole discretion to declare a public-health emergency.:

Once the emergency was declared, public-health officials would assume police powers, the militia would be mobilized, and the legislature would be prohibited from intervening for 60 days. Any new orders and rules issued by the governor would have the full force of law. Existing laws and individual rights could be suspended. 

Reporting within that 2002 story that to promote the legislation, officials and legislators had related it almost exclusively to the threat of bioterrorism, but a broader authority was also proposed that would allow officials to use these new powers under any declared ‘public health emergency’, that 2002 FEE story should have been looked at as a huge warning of what Americans would face in 2020/2021, with globalists now pushing for ‘vaccine passports’ just to travel while businesses across the country have gone belly up and Americans are ‘locked down’.


With the words ‘quarantine’ and ‘isolation’ and ‘vaccinations’ and ‘lockdowns’ becoming so frequent in the American lexicon in 2020/2021 that mental illnesses are exploding nationwide as people avoid each other, many schools are shuttered along with the businesses and the ‘social animals’ that we human beings are are ‘intentionally extinguished’, there’s perhaps never been a more important time than now for Americans to get out and ‘be human beings’ again, especially with Spring right around the corner!

And with 2020/2021 also bringing to America another great ‘bug out’ from the Democrat-run cities across America that are rapidly turning to shambles, with massive Covid-lockdown tied unemployment numbers and crime exploding, as Michael Snyder reports in this new story over at the Economic Collapse Blogmillions upon millions of people can see that our society is literally melting down all around us, and they want to get somewhere safe while they still can.

So we’ll be taking a look within this story at ‘strategic location’, with Spring being the perfect time to make a move if one is still stuck within the cities or too close to them, with any mass civil unrest in the cities sure to come out to the suburbs as we’ve seen numerous times during the last several years with ‘protests’ by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

And in the next section of this story below, we’ll be taking a longer look at the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act and this 2002 story over at FEE in which we were warned how it violates numerous Rights of Americans which are supposed to be guaranteed by the US Constitution in a declared ‘medical emergency’, seemingly a blueprint for what we’ve seen unfolding with Covid-19.

From this 2002 story from the Foundation of Economic Education before we continue.

The new powers would be authorized during any declared public-health emergency. An emergency could be declared with the occurrence or imminent threat of a health condition or illness that is believed to be caused by bioterrorism, or the appearance of a novel, previously controlled, or previously eradicated infectious agent or biological toxin. That belief is the only criterion. And although there must be potential for a large number of people to be affected, there is no definition of “large number.” The governor, in consultation with health officials, would decide. 

The 40-page proposal would require individuals to submit to state-ordered vaccinations, examination, testing, treatment, and specimen collection. Resisters would be charged with a misdemeanor and quarantined. Physicians and other health-care professionals would be required to perform medical procedures or be charged with a misdemeanor. 

Quarantine, or isolation, could be imposed without a court order, although an order would have to be obtained “promptly” thereafter. Medical care could be rationed or withheld; private property could be taken or destroyed; compensation for loss of property would be limited; and no person acting under the orders of government officials would be held liable for death, injury, or property damage. 

The names, addresses, and physical conditions of, and any other necessary information about, individuals suspected of harboring diseases or health conditions that might have been caused by bioterrorism or an epidemic would have to be reported immediately by doctors and pharmacists. No patient consent or notification would be required. 

And with that story reporting all the way back in 2002 that due process would be virtually eliminated in America and forced medical procedures could be performed upon ‘patients’ without their consent if deemed appropriate by ‘health authorities’, when you think about what is happening now across America and the world, with Covid-19 tyranny being unveiled before our eyes, it’s easy to see how all of this was planned long ago.

With that 2002 story also reporting that so-called ‘health surveillance’ was ‘the key’ to successfully ‘containing’ any such health emergency while forced isolation and quarantines  could be required, with state officials even having the power to ration out medical care while confiscating the personal property of residents, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons even warned back then they had great concern about granting governors “dictatorial power” while the Institute for Health Freedom warned of “new state medical police powers”.

So with the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act absolutely part of the ‘blueprint’ for the ‘medical tyranny’ we see now being unveiled across America, as that 2002 FEE story also warned, the ‘dictatorial powers‘ that could be unveiled included forced vaccinations, forced separations from families and government officials NOT being held responsible for deaths and injuries of Americans due to forced vaccinations, etc…; what could go wrong?

Read more at: AllNewsPipeline.com and MedicalTyranny.com.

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