Italian government implicated in elaborate election fraud scheme against Trump

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Image: Italian government implicated in elaborate election fraud scheme against Trump

(Natural News) Swiss-American author and researcher Neal Sutz has revealed that not just Switzerland but also Italy played a major role in stealing the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Switzerland, Sutz revealed, recently purchased the sole rights of Scytl, the bankrupt Spanish company tied to Dominion Voting Systems that, according to several statistical analyses, switched hundreds of thousands of votes from President Donald Trump to Biden.

Switzerland knew full well about the structural flaws of Scytl when purchasing the company, and deliberately failed to warn the Trump administration about it prior to the election.

Italy was involved as well, according to former CIA agent Bradley Johnson. Italy played a direct role in manipulating votes to favor Democrat candidates at the expense of Trump and the Republicans.

Johnson at least partially confirmed the story about U.S. special forces raiding and recovering Dominion servers that were hosted at a covert CIA facility in Frankfurt. Others confirmed it as well, calling the operation a success as it brought to light irrefutable evidence of election fraud.

Gen. Thomas McInerney later claimed that following the raid, a violent fight ensued between CIA paramilitary, which was called in from Afghanistan to defend the station, and the U.S. special forces group that conducted the raid. The encounter resulted in five deaths.

Rome was the real culprit in hacking the 2020 election

Johnson does not deny any of this, but he did add to it by suggesting that the hacked data obtained from the Frankfurt facility was later moved to the U.S. embassy in Rome.


Rome, it turns out, is the “real main protagonist” in the story, at least from the perspective of the deep state. As vote counting ceased here in the United States, it resumed in Italy where it was already morning.

“Trump was taking a record number of votes,” Johnson says, noting that the mere switching of votes from Trump to Biden was not enough to deliver a “victory” to the Democrat candidate.

It was at this time that Rome instigated a new elaboration of algorithms to seal the deal for Biden when all else failed. In the end, it was enough to give Biden the “win” that the deep state expected.

The operation to recalibrate the hacking attack where Frankfurt left off reportedly took place in via Veneto, meaning the American embassy in Rome was directly involved in trying to overthrow the election and oust President Donald Trump.

“In this scenario, the subversive powers infiltrated in the U.S. government, the deep state, had planned a coup d’état against their commander in chief,” La cruna dell’ago reports.

The current U.S. ambassador in Italy is Lewis Eisenberg, a former member of Goldman Sachs and contributor to the first Trump campaign. Eisenberg is said to be cozy with the neoconservative Zionist lobbies that are bitter enemies of the president for trying to withdraw the U.S. military from the Middle East.

According to Johnson, there was a man from the U.S. State Department present at the U.S. embassy in Rome on election night. This individual, who was captured on video during a surveillance operation, appears to have been directly involved in the coordinated hacking attack.

“If Mr. Johnson’s statements are true, Italy would be in direct violation of the 2018 Executive Order against foreign election interference signed by President Trump,” La cruna dell’ago further explains.

“The President was not unprepared before the eventuality that foreign countries and internal forces within the US would have tried to meddle in the election … The executive order clearly states after 45 days since the election day, a detailed report on this interference has to be delivered to the President.”

The full La cruna dell’ago report is available for viewing at this link.

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