New York City trying to borrow more money to avoid laying off 22,000 city employees who are no longer needed — DEBT will only lead to financial DEMISE

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Image: New York City trying to borrow more money to avoid laying off 22,000 city employees who are no longer needed — DEBT will only lead to financial DEMISE

(Natural News) The reason why Democrat-run cities are failing is because Democratic policies are so destructive.

And they are failing, to be sure: In fact, according to a recent analysis by John Perazzo, author of “Betrayal: The Democratic Party’s Destruction of America’s Cities,” found that 42 of 43 cities with the highest crime and poverty rates are run by the Donkeys.

“[I]n city after city where Democrats already have been in charge politically for an extended period of time, we find exceedingly high—indeed, often colossal—levels of crime and poverty that degrade the quality of life for the people who reside there,” he wrote.

How is it possible that the collapse of our greatest cities is largely due to one political party? Easy; policies.

When Democrats aren’t governing like they are detached from reality, they rely on political patronage so they can continue getting elected cycle after cycle after cycle. 

Case in point: New York City.

Thanks to the Marxist incompetence of the mayor, Bill de Blasio, the city’s vital business and financial sectors have been devastated thanks to his order shutting down the economy due to ‘coronavirus.’ And despite the fact that the outbreak of the virus in the Big Apple has dramatically receded, de Blasio continues to keep the city on virtual lockdown.

At the same time, de Blasio’s virtue signaling to the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to ‘defund’ police, get rid of cash bail requirements, and allow thugs and looters and rioters a free pass, crime in New York City (especially shootings and murders) have soared to 1980s levels. 


The double whammy of destroying the economy with endless lockdowns and neutering the NYPD has caused hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to abandoned the city, with more streaming out by the week. In fact, moving companies in New York City have waiting lists and they are backed up for weeks.

Loss of residents mean a loss of revenue, so how does de Blasio the genius plan on replacing what has been lost due to his policy decisions? 

Why, tax the rich! Just the sort of solution a good Marxist would come up with. 

Only, there are fewer and fewer ‘rich people’ in the Big Apple. And those who had the means and opportunity to leave, have left.

Wait — why doesn’t de Blasio just lay off some city workers who are no longer needed because, well, there aren’t too many New Yorkers working downtown these days creating work for city employees?

In fact, his office developed a plan to shed 22,000 city workers in order to balance the city’s greatly reduced budget.

But, nah. Not anymore. 

You see, one of the Democratic Party’s historic constituencies has been labor unions. And the employee’s union doesn’t want de Blasio terminating or laying off its city workers. (Related: California is too broke to pay its pensions, but now wants to explore paying “reparations” to black people who were never slaves.)

So, what else is left? Another oft-used Democrat economic policy: Borrow your way!

The Epoch Times reports: 

New York City isn’t sending layoff notices to some 22,000 workers on Monday as planned, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a press briefing at City Hall.

Labor union leaders went to the mayor and convinced him to hold off as they try to convince state lawmakers to reconvene and approve a long-term borrowing plan that would resolve the budget crisis that will lead to the layoffs unless it’s resolved.

“I am hoping that this pause will lead to more progress in Albany because of the intense commitment of labor to getting this done,” de Blasio told reporters this week.

“It’s a massive, painful number,” de Blasio said of the potential lay-offs. “It resembles the kind of things we have to do decades ago, but the job here is to try and avert it if we can.”

One of the very first things de Blasio could do to avert massive layoffs while raising funds would be to completely open the city back up. But he’s not used to doing the right thing.

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