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Image: The medical establishment has been pushing flawed data to withhold a viable treatment for COVID-19 patients – does anyone remember Tuskegee?

(Natural News) The World Health Organization and governments around the world have been using flawed data to withhold a viable treatment for patients with covid-19. The trusted data, published in prestigious medical journals, turns out to be fraudulent and comes from an obscure medical analytics company that is run in part by a science fiction author and an adult content model.

Covid-19 patients denied viable treatment because fraudulent data guided healthcare decisions

According to a new Guardian investigation, the data used to direct hospital policies, treatments and procedures for covid-19 is fundamentally flawed. The widely-touted study that strongly discouraged use of hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 is based on fraudulent data! Because the data was published in the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, scientific minds and journalists around the world are questioning the validity of these prestigious medical journals that have suddenly become laughing stocks to the world.

But patients who have died of covid-19, who were denied a viable treatment – for them and their families, this is no laughing matter. The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine are complicit in a data scam that originated from a US-based company named Surgisphere. The data, which appears to be wholly fabricated, was used as a governing source that helped fuel illegitimate scientific conclusions about avoiding hydroxychloroquine as an antiviral treatment for covid-19 patients.

The studies were co-authored by the firm’s chief executive, Sapan Desai, who is named in three medical malpractice suits not related to the company. As a former vascular surgeon, Desai has been accused of being “careless and negligent” during operations, leading to permanent damage following surgery. Two medical malpractice suits were filed against him in November 2019. The investigation into Desai’s company database also found that hospitals have no direct way to contact the company to join their database, which means the data could easily be made up.

This firm seems to have a Hollywood-like approach to science, using a fiction writer and adult model as key participants. They also fail to explain their methodologies as they erroneously promote their “scientific” conclusions in prestigious medical journals.The small group of individuals who work at this shady  data analytics company, only three people according to recent reports, do not have any background in legitimate science or epidemiology. The real question is: How did this “research” ever get published in the first place?

In response, the Lancet has now released an “expression of concern” about the study and the New England Journal of Medicine is now sending out similar warnings. The Surgisphere database has been audited by sources not affiliated with the company only to find that the data is invalid and questionable.

This data has led hospital systems in Latin American countries to change their treatment policies entirely. The corrupt data has also influenced the World Health Organization to decide to halt clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine. This has had grave consequences for covid-19 patients, who may be denied a viable anti-viral treatment that could help them recover from severe acute respiratory syndrome.

Today’s medical corruption during covid-19 is reminiscent of the Tuskegee medical experiments on black men

This modern day medical establishment corruption harkens to the days of the Tuskegee medical experiments that took place on African American men. For forty years, the Public Health Service and the Tuskegee Institute studied how syphilis affects Negro males. The study did not provide the men with informed consent and withheld viable treatments so researchers could study the men’s suffering and eventual death. The 399 men with syphilis were told they were being treated for “bad blood” as medical researchers withheld a viable treatment – Penicillin. As the men suffered, they were intentionally denied the proper treatment they needed in order to cure their syphilis.

This is exactly how covid-19 patients are being treated around the world today — as experimental corpses. The good news going forward is that the corrupt study has just been retracted. What other anti-viral treatments are being withheld from public knowledge?

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