Secret recording exposes “criminal” influence by Big Pharma in research published by Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine

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Image: Secret recording exposes “criminal” influence by Big Pharma in research published by Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine

(Natural News) New evidence has emerged to suggest that deep-seated corruption within the Big Pharma establishment is having a detrimental impact on the quality of information published by highly esteemed medical journals such as The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

A leaked, closed-door discussion between the editors-in-chief of these two journals has revealed that the pharmaceutical industry is so massive and powerful that it can basically procure “science” that says anything the industry wants it to, and often goes undetected.

This news comes on the hinges of both of these journals’ recent retraction of fraudulent, industry-backed “studies” falsely claiming that the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine is unsafe and ineffective at treating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to Philippe Douste-Blazy, a former French health minister and 2017 candidate for director of the World Health Organization (WHO), the leaked discussion occurred this year at the Chatham House in London right around the time when the respective papers were retracted.

“Now we are not going to be able to, basically, if this continues, publish any more clinical research data because the pharmaceutical companies are so financially powerful today, and are able to use such methodologies, as to have us accept papers which are apparently methodologically perfect, but which, in reality, manage to conclude what they want them to conclude,” Lancet Editor-in-Chief Richard Horton is quoted as saying.

Big Pharma’s financial influence calls into question entire consortium of medical “science”

During a recent French broadcast, Douste-Blazy explained to a reporter how serious this is in terms of being able to trust the consortium of so-called “science.” In essence, Big Pharma puts tremendous financial pressure on medical journals to publish studies that are favorable to its drugs and vaccines, and now the lid has been blown on this racket.

Another way of putting it is that the results of many studies that suggest drugs and vaccines are safe and effective could be flat-out false because the drug industry tweaked them to arrive at favorable conclusions when they otherwise would not have.

The reporter interviewing Douste-Blazy was so flabbergasted at his revelation of all this that she asked with shock who we can even trust anymore. His answer was not that reassuring, as he, too, expressed shock over the fact that the editors-in-chief of these two prestigious journals said what they did as they were unknowingly being recorded.

Douste-Blazy also expressed horror over the fact that people like himself see mortality and suffering when things like the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) starts spreading and impacting people, while Big Pharma only sees “dollars.”

There is really no telling how deep the rabbit hole goes in terms of Big Pharma corruption and criminal influence over what gets published in major medical journals. We have been warning about this phenomenon for years, only to be mocked by many for spreading “conspiracy theories” – but now the truth is apparently going mainstream.

On Twitter, many users who watched a video clip of Douste-Blazy explaining what he heard in the leaked recording had their jaws on the floor. One doctor said that she has believed for a long while that this type of thing was happening, but that now there is concrete and undeniable proof of it that should get the attention of every honest individual out there who cares about truth.

“Intellectual dishonesty using purposeful manipulation of scientific data to produce results profitable to big pharma while patients suffer,” tweeted Dr. Kris Held, M.D. “We physicians have been warning of this potential malfeasance with ‘meaningful use’ EHR and data harvesting. Like required with MIPS/MACRA.”

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