Mainstream media mocks preppers, tells people to STOP buying supplies even as global supply chain crisis looms

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Image: Mainstream media mocks preppers, tells people to STOP buying supplies even as global supply chain crisis looms

(Natural News) One thing is for certain: The ‘mainstream media’ routinely proves that it is comprised of college-educated urban dwellers who have little-to-no experience recognizing or dealing with emerging situations that are bound to cause lots of chaos.

Because if they did, they wouldn’t be mocking “preppers” who go out of their way to ensure they are ready for as many chaotic scenarios as possible, even as one is staring them in the face.

Each day now, there are new reports of how the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the United States. And even if, as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson notes, the situation isn’t “bad” yet, we have no way of knowing that it won’t get “bad” or even worse, as a newly released best-case/worst-case study from the Australian National University predicted.

Moreover, as Carlson pointed out, it doesn’t really even matter at this point whether the virus is a pandemic or not because, increasingly, in various parts of the country, local and state officials are treating it as though it is or could be: Events like the annual South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, are being canceled; schools are closing; and companies are asking employees to work from home.

All of this will eventually have some economic impact on our country, as well as a psychological impact that could last for months. 

The point is, people should be anticipating the worst because that’s just prudent. You don’t buy auto or home or health insurance to use it regularly, you buy it as a hedge against misfortune and/or disaster. So why wouldn’t you stock up on basic supplies, food, water, and provisions just in case the current outbreak of coronavirus gets much, much worse?

That’s a question for the media types, many of whom are downplaying and even mocking preppers for simply trying to remain prepared.

‘Impulsive buying binges’ and ‘hoarding’ bad; getting caught without supplies, good? 

As noted by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper: 

While most of the folks on this website would read this and think, “Of course they are” there are a few who think, “What a bunch of selfish people, hoarding supplies instead of only taking a little and leaving the rest for other people.”  Often the people with this mindset are those “other people” who failed to prepare and who are upset that they missed their window of opportunity to get the necessary supplies.

But the media and government certainly aren’t helping paint those getting prepared in a good light with headlines about “panic buying” and “hoarding.”

Luther points out that a recent article published by USA Today begins by telling readers to stay “calm” and “stop hoarding.” The virus isn’t going to cause massive shortages of “toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bottled water and ramen.”

The piece goes on to criticize by using phrases such as “impulsive buying binges,” “air of aggressive competition,” “the crush of humanity,” and “stripping store shelves of toilet paper.”

Basically, the article insults anyone who seeks to prepare for the worst-case U.S.-related coronavirus outbreak scenario, and given that an alarming number of people can’t stand to wait in line at a fast food restaurant for more than a few minutes, imagine how they’ll react if or when coronavirus becomes a much bigger problem, which very well could happen.

And if it does, guess what’s coming? Mass quarantines like those in China. Lockdowns. Limits or bans on all movement. And then watch what happens: Panic and chaos the likes of which almost no American has ever witnessed on our own streets.

But let’s think this through. When coronavirus passes, there is still the threat of massive storms, earthquakes, even an EMP event from a solar flare or a nuclear weapon detonated at altitude. Isn’t being better prepared just smart? Of course it is.

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