Chinese city mandated that all students take Chinese medicine for coronavirus

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Image: Chinese city mandated that all students take Chinese medicine for coronavirus

(Natural News) The Chinese city of Lincang recently issued a new mandate that all students and teachers have to take the same Chinese medicines before going back to school for the semester, which began on March 1, in order to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19).

Reports indicate that the medicine has not been scientifically proven to either cure or treat the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19), and yet those who refuse it have been told that they will not be allowed to receive or administer any education until they do. (Then again, nothing in the world has yet been proven to treat coronavirus.)

On March 2, authorities in Lincang, located in southwestern China’s Yunnan province, issued a statement blaming the local district government for setting these egregious new rules. Not long after, Lincang decided to end the mandate, and even went so far as to punish the officials who were involved.

That same day, officials in the Linxiang district of Lincang issued their own statement blaming a local staff member by the name of Ling Bo for apparently failing to understand what the city government is actually requiring, which is not forced standardized medicine.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), what’s administered to one person for a certain condition is often different from what’s administered to another. There are also dosage variances between what an adult is given versus what a child is given. But under the mandate, all were to be given the same type and dose of medicine, which goes against Chinese law.

Back in 2005, a child actually died after being given a dosage of TCM for the chickenpox that was meant for adults. Another 151 others developed diarrhea and other harmful side effects, demonstrating the dangers of applying a one-size-fits-all mandate involving powerful medicines.


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Forced vaccination is far worse than forced TCM

Those who concocted the plan had the right idea, as the fundamentals of TCM dictate that these special herbal remedies have the power to prevent infection before it happens. It’s just that they failed to recognize the unique variances in how it’s supposed to be administered, not to mention the fact that forced medicine in any form is never a good idea.

Here in the United States, TCM is nowhere to be found in government protocols, which focus exclusively on pharmaceuticals and vaccines as the only remedies and prevention options for disease. Consequently, children here are now being forced in many areas to take one-size-fits-all vaccines that are far worse than incorrect dosages of TCM.

The fact that Chinese law actually prohibits mandatory medicine at gunpoint while some areas of the U.S. openly sanction it in the name of protecting “public health” shows that communist China is actually freer than parts of the supposed Land of the Free. After all, if we don’t have the right to choose what medicines to put into our own bodies, then how can we be considered free at all?

You can be sure that at least some elements of the U.S. government will be pushing for mandatory vaccination against the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) once the first jab becomes commercially available. It could be a while, but this type of situation is certainly coming if recent history is any indicator.

“Eventually, once the vaccine is rolled out, you will see calls for mandatory vaccines and restrictions on human rights for people who are not vaccinated (no right to hold a job, no right to travel on public transportation, no right to be a parent, etc.),” warns the Health Ranger.

“Prepare to be required to carry proof that you’ve been vaccinated. ‘Show me your papers.'”

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