Democrats approve of Mongolia closing its borders to protect citizens from Coronavirus, yet Trump’s a “racist” for stopping illegal immigrants with deadly viruses from entering USA

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Image: Democrats approve of Mongolia closing its borders to protect citizens from Coronavirus, yet Trump’s a “racist” for stopping illegal immigrants with deadly viruses from entering USA

(Natural News) The nefarious Democrats are at it again with their ultimate hypocritical stance on immigration. If you don’t know by now, the Democrats want open borders for one reason and one reason only – easy votes. The plan is to offer lots of free stuff, including medical coverage, food, income and the ability to vote for the same to continue. That’s the illegal immigration American dream. But there’s a catch.

Most Democrats are dumbed-down Americans who drink fluoridated water, eat GMOs, get flu shots and watch CNN, so they’re immune systems are also as compromised as their facts about reality. In their paranoia, they get all CDC-recommended vaccines while praying that Coronavirus doesn’t get inside their delapidated bodies, and turn them into the next “2020 Plague” CDC statistic.

And so the absurdity continues, as Democrats beg and plead for open borders, but in the same breath, applaud Mongolia for closing their border to protect their people from the Chinese who may cross over infected with deadly Coronavirus. Close those borders and keep them closed until this pandemic is solved, but leave America’s borders wide open for other infected folks to come over and spread other dangerous, infectious diseases they’re all paranoid about getting, like Hep B, AIDS, measles, tuberculosis or influenza. Doesn’t matter because they won’t vote for Trump, right? Or will they? These liberals actually have no clue, no proof, no guarantee. They’re so extreme they can’t see straight or think straight.

They’re too worried about gender fluidity, Kobe Bryant and whatever script Wolfe Blitzer is reading off the teleprompter. Liberals would cut their nose off to spite their face just to keep from admitting Trump is right, about anything. Even when he’s right about illegal immigrants bringing infectious diseases with them. Think about that for a minute.

What happens when you eat bats, rats and scorpions from dirty buckets full of rotting chicken and fish?

Anyone from China who eats bats, rats, porcupines and scorpions, then flies over to South America or Mexico, then walks across the “open border” with Coronavirus, is likely to infect a few million Americans after they share the same grocery cart or subway handrail. Plus, all those N95 masks aren’t doing squat because the virus can get into your eyes just as easily as it could enter your mouth or nose. Touch your eyes often when you go out in public, or to the doctors office, or to daycare? The Liberal hypocrites never make sense. They scream for whatever the Washington Post tells them to scream for, and they defend it to the death, literally.

You’ve got hundreds of millions of people in China who are living in the most industrially-polluted nation of the world, eating wild animals that should never be eaten, that live in unkempt quarters, that aren’t cleaned properly, that are slaughtered and cut up in buckets swarming with E. coli and salmonella germs. Talk about lowered immunity. And the people that are dying from Coronavirus are mostly (or all) immuno-compromised people. In America, the medical complex blames babies and the elderly, but it’s really anyone uneducated about clean food and clean medicine.

Meanwhile, the libtards of America can’t understand anything rational, medical or scientific that isn’t served up as a hoax for race wars, global warming, dirty vaccines or chemotherapy. Which brings us back to the actual logic at hand.

So now it’s okay, according to Liberals in America, to CLOSE the borders?

According to Liberal logic, we can now totally close the American southern border in order to quarantine all Americans from catching Coronavirus from infected immigrants. China is reporting 4,000 infected people, but is it really 40,000? How many will or already did defect to other countries, just to escape the pandemic and the communist tyranny? How many Chinese are already in South America and Mexico, planning to cross into the USA through Arizona, Texas or New Mexico soon?

That’s right, every Liberal idiot praising countries adjacent to China for closing their borders to protect their citizens should also be supporting Trump closing all USA borders and quarantining the whole country, until we figure out how to stop importing Ebola and Coronavirus (the CDC does it on purpose, by the way).

It really all boils down to population reduction through vaccines, and since Bill Gates already funded the patent on Coronavirus, you can bet he’s got the anecdotal vaccine stored away in his bunker. Maybe he’ll sell it for billions to all the elitist globalists who kiss his ring in order to survive the Corona plague.

Tune into to find out why half of all Americans avoid vaccines like the plague, knowing the truth about injecting genetically modified viruses that Bill Gates says he’s using to reduce the world’s population by about 5 billion people over the next decade. Maybe it’s time you go out and get some Vitamin D3, garlic, oregano oil and medicinal mushrooms and build up your immunity naturally so you can fight off Ebola (that’s imported  by the CDC on purpose) and the Coronavirus Apocalypse that’s coming to a doc-in-the-box near you.

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