Nancy Pelosi guilty of ‘obstruction of Congress’ for withholding articles of impeachment that claim Trump “obstructed Congress;” the hypocrisy is sickening

Image: Nancy Pelosi guilty of ‘obstruction of Congress’ for withholding articles of impeachment that claim Trump “obstructed Congress;” the hypocrisy is sickening

(Natural News) Last month, Democrats fulfilled their campaign pledge to their perpetually angry, always deranged voting base: They officially impeached President Donald Trump, though he hasn’t committed a single “high crime or misdemeanor,” as required by the Constitution.

Though a couple of Democrats voted against the two articles, all Republicans voted against them, making Trump’s the first true partisan, political impeachment in the history of our nation.

One of the articles ‘accused’ the president of abuse of power for allegedly demanding that the government of Ukraine investigate Democratic corruption and 2016 election tampering and collusion before they could receive military aid promised by Congress.

But as noted by The National Sentinel, not only did the president not seek that quid pro quo, one of the Democrats’ impeachment witnesses — U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland — specifically said so under oath.

“On September 9, 2019 … I asked the president: ‘What do you want from Ukraine?’ The president responded, ‘Nothing. There is no quid pro quo.’ The president repeated, ‘No quid pro quo’ multiple times. This was a very short call. And I recall the president was in a bad mood,” he testified.

But it’s the second article of impeachment that is particularly galling: Democrats have also accused the president of “obstructing Congress” because he refused to provide administration officials as witnesses to the inquiry. 

Mind you, the president — as head of the Executive Branch — has constitutional rights and authorities too. Executive privilege is a real thing, and if he asserts that (like most every president before him in the modern era), he’s allowed to do so.

Democrats obviously don’t see it that way, which is by choice because Obama asserted it all the time, especially after Republicans took control over one, then both, chambers. 

But here’s the thing. Per the Constitution, once articles of impeachment have been returned by a majority House vote, they are to be ‘transmitted’ to the Senate where the president stands trial. Yet, as of this writing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has never transmitted the articles to the Senate, despite demands for her to do so.

What a gargantuan hypocrite

This week, pressure mounted for her to finally act and much of that pressure was coming from members of her own party. On Thursday, Pelosi said she won’t hold the impeachment articles from the Senate “indefinitely” and will send the articles when she is “ready. And that will probably be soon,” Breitbart News reported. 

The last time we checked the Senate was part of the Legislative Branch; isn’t Pelosi doing the same thing she and her party have accused Trump of doing, obstructing Congress? (Related: Dems, mainstream media rush to “convict” Trump of impeachable offense involving Ukraine but ignore 1999 treaty REQUIRING cooperation in criminal matters.)

The Constitution does not provide a timeline for when articles must be transmitted to the Senate, most constitutional scholars believe the founders, when they wrote the provision, understood that it would be done immediately after the vote. And throughout our history, the few times impeachment and trial have occurred, that’s been the case: Immediate transmittal of the articles to the Senate.

Not this time, though. Pelosi, playing political games as usual, shocked everyone after the vote December 19 when she said she had no intentions of actually sending the articles to the Senate until she was assured of a “fair trial.”

Republicans and constitutional scholars pounced on that, noting — correctly — that she is leader of the House, not the Senate, and that per our founding document, the Senate makes the rules for the impeachment trial, not the lower chamber.

Not Nancy Pelosi.

The hypocrisy is thick. By failing to immediately send over the articles of impeachment against Trump, Pelosi is “obstructing Congress” in the way she claims the president has done. The difference is, Trump hasn’t…and she really has.

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