Preventing travel-related dehydration: 5 Hacks that will boost your water intake

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Image: Preventing travel-related dehydration: 5 Hacks that will boost your water intake

(Natural News) Traveling can be very exciting. You get to spend some time away from work taking in the sights and doing activities that you normally wouldn’t do. In fact, travel can be so exciting that you can forget to regularly drink water. It can be difficult to manage if you’re engaged in physical activities or if the only way you can quench your thirst is by buying some bottled water from the corner store. (Related: Hiking, backpacking, hydration: Tips for selecting the best pack for your needs.)

It’s normal to ignore your thirst, especially since the signal that your body sends to tell you to drink water gets weaker the more you suppress it. However normal this may be, it’s very dangerous. Dehydration can make you feel tired, give you a headache, make you feel fatigued and give you sallow skin. But don’t fret — there are things that you can do to increase your intake without making you go out of your way for water. Here are five things you can do to make sure you don’t get dehydrated during your trip.

Buy a big bottle

Here’s something easy you can do: the next time you’re at a convenience store, buy the largest water bottle that you can realistically carry around. You can bring it with you wherever you go and, when you drink it all up, you can refill it. There’s also the added bonus of you not having to buy more than one plastic bottle on your trip, thus using less plastic.

Choose the right appetizers and desserts

You can get some water from the food you eat, such as  vegetables, so consider ordering a veggie salad for an appetizer. For the main course, ask the chef to cook you something low in sodium, as high salt intake will only dehydrate you more. You can also get some extra hydration by ordering something fruity on the dessert menu. This has the added benefit of also satisfying your cravings for natural sugar.


Make it a habit to ask for refills

When you’re at a restaurant, be sure to fill up with water. Before the food comes, ask for water. While you’re eating, be sure to finish your glass. When you get your bill, ask for more water. This is especially important if you’re unsure of the water availability in your trip’s next stop. You can also do this at your hotel, especially if you think you can’t trust the tap water at your location. When you arrive, ask the front desk for several complementary bottles of water.

Go glass for glass

If you’re out drinking alcoholic beverages, one tip is to follow it with an equal amount of water. This is a good idea because alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means it removes water from your system by making you urinate. Drinking an equal amount of water can counteract this, thus preventing dehydration.

Drink lots of water before you do anything

Take this mentality with you on your vacation: Drink a lot of water before you head out. Going sightseeing in a beautiful city? Fill up your bottle and drink it before you get to your first stop. Hiking? Drink a whole bottle and fill it up at base camp. This is a good habit to have, as it acts as a reminder to bring your refillable bottle and to drink from it as often as you can. Also consider drinking a glass or two before going to bed.

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for optimal health. This is especially true when you’re traveling. The next time you feel thirsty and drink water right away, your body will thank you.

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