Twitter bans LifeSiteNews for working to protect the lives of young human children… because Twitter is run by evil, demonic, anti-human tyrants

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Image: Twitter bans LifeSiteNews for working to protect the lives of young human children… because Twitter is run by evil, demonic, anti-human tyrants

(Natural News) Pulling the plug on truth is the name of the game at Big Tech, and Twitter is certainly no exception.

Just the other day, the popular LifeSiteNews website had its Twitter account “locked” for “violating the Twitter Rules.”

What did LifeSiteNews do, exactly? It tweeted about infamous “wax my balls” trans-activist Jonathan Yaniv, who’s been caught sexually assaulting young girls online. “She” also pretended to be a lesbian woman in order to throw a pool party for underage youth – no parents allowed.

Yaniv is a certifiable pervert, in other words, and someone who’s a clear and present danger to children. But because the mainstream media refuses to warn the public about “her,” and is even defending “her,” most people don’t even know “she” exists.

Were it not for LifeSiteNews‘ faithful coverage of Yaniv’s latest shocking behavior, almost nobody would know that it’s even happening. And this is precisely what Twitter is trying to achieve by censoring LifeSiteNews, not just for reporting on Yaniv, but also for reporting on other important news stories that the corporate media would never dare to touch.

LifeSiteNews has been at the forefront of covering the David Daleiden criminal case, in which the Center for Medical Progress is being targeted for secretly filming Planned Parenthood abortionists admitting to criminal behavior. LifeSiteNews has also extensively covered the James Younger saga, which involves a deranged pediatrician who’s trying to forcibly convert a young boy who isn’t even her biological son into a “girl.”


These and many other news items wouldn’t even be on people’s radars were it not for LifeSiteNews‘ labor of love, which is costing the independent news outlet dearly in terms of its online reach.

“Because of our increasing influence that allow[s] the public to bypass the controlled mainstream media, we are now seeing judges, politicians, and big tech organizations doing all they can to try to block our reporting from reaching the wider public,” reports LifeSiteNews.

“Our most important freedoms are being challenged. It is a daunting battle trying to overcome this every day,” LifeSite further added noting that “family advocates, parents, and children are heavily relying on us to be their voice, and now our ability to do just that is under attack.”

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It’s something that all of us in the independent media are having to endure, as truth is now considered by much of society to be “offensive” and worthy of censorship.

The First Amendment is being thrown out the window and replaced with political correctness, not just online but even in the public square – and it’s because too few patriots are brave enough to take a stand in its defense.

LifeSiteNews has been instrumental in not just reporting “offensive” truths, but also in helping to change the course of events that otherwise would have ended in tragedy.

Concerning the Younger case, it was LifeSiteNews‘ presence at trial hearings that blew the lid on what was going on, which forced the judge in the case to backtrack on what otherwise would have resulted in the forced LGBTQP transformation of an innocent seven-year-old boy.

The same is true with the Daleiden case, as pro-life investigative journalists quickly realized that they were like David trying to fight Goliath.

One of the best ways to peaceably fight tyranny and evil is to shine a light on it, and that’s exactly what LifeSiteNews, as well as Natural News, are trying to do every single day. The question is: Will you stand up and join us?

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