Survival medicine: Stock up on these items to prepare your home for a pandemic

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Image: Survival medicine: Stock up on these items to prepare your home for a pandemic

(Natural News) Every time you turn on the news, there always seems to be a new deadly disease on the loose. These reports should be taken seriously. A pandemic can occur at any time and when it does, people’s lives will drastically change.

People often interchange pandemic and epidemic, but they’re not quite the same. An epidemic is limited to a local region, while a pandemic is a disease outbreak on a global scale. It can affect – and kill – millions of people within weeks or a few months. You never know when it may strike your area. The following tips may help you prepare for a pandemic. (h/t to

Survival items you need in a pandemic

Here are the things you should stockpile to help protect yourself from contracting diseases during a pandemic:

  • Bodysuits and N95 masks – When news breaks out that a pandemic is near the area, start wearing bodysuits and N95 masks. Make sure that the bodysuits are durable and long-lasting.
  • Thick plastic sheets and duct tape – These will be used to seal the doors, windows and vents of the house.
  • An easy-to-clean cot – In case someone gets sick, he would need his own space to rest. The cot needs to be waterproof at least so that it can be cleaned with bleach.
  • Military-grade trash bags – You’ll be throwing away items or foods that may have been contaminated. It’s not foolproof, but a military-grade trash bag is durable enough to hold these items.
  • High-quality disinfectant soap, bleach and scrubbing tools – Make sure to store lots of these. This helps ensure sanitation and prevents pathogens from contaminating the house.
  • Disposable latex gloves – Never touch anything directly. Properly dispose of the latex gloves after each use.
  • Immune boosters – Make sure that your immune system is in tip-top shape. It can be difficult to secure fresh produce during a pandemic, but some teas and herbs can be stored for natural immune-boosting drinks.
  • Water – A person needs around two gallons of water per day. If possible, gather enough water supply to last seven days. It is also best to store extra water for cleaning and laundry.

Other things you need to prepare

The first thing you should do during a pandemic is to seal yourself and your family inside the house. Aside from preparing survival items for each person, you should prepare the house as well. Here are some things to take note of:


1. Consider air supply

People often forget about air supply, but this is a crucial thing to consider. While hunkering down, the amount of fresh air inside the house is limited. Like it or not, you have to access air from outside.

Therefore, it is important to prepare an air filtering system. There are some machines available on the market, but you can also build one yourself. There are video tutorials for DIY air filters you can find online. (Related: Top solutions to protect your health at HOME: Clean air, clean water and home-grown medicine.)

2. Designate a quarantine room

Sometimes, despite all your preparation and preventive measures, someone still does get infected. When this happens, you can’t let him – or even yourself – mingle with others or everyone may get sick.

Pick a room in the house that is relatively far away from the rest. It is best if the room has a bathroom the person can use. If there is no extra room, an extra bathroom will suffice.

You never know when a pandemic might strike. Your body’s immune system is one of your best lines of defense. Start eating healthier foods and sleeping better to improve your overall health.

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