Pet probiotics supplement sold by Amazon found to contain hazardous ingredient that’s 10 ppm lead

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Image: Pet probiotics supplement sold by Amazon found to contain hazardous ingredient that’s 10 ppm lead

(Natural News) A Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) exclusive investigation has uncovered some shocking truths about the contents of a dietary supplement for pets that’s currently being sold by

Pet Flora, which is manufactured by Safer Medical of Montana, Inc., contains an ingredient known as “leonardite” that advanced ICP-MS testing technology has revealed contains questionable levels of both lead and aluminum, two toxic metals linked to neurological damage.

Also known as “oxidized lignite coal,” leonardite is not generally sold for internal consumption, though Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. uses it not only in Pet Flora, but also in Prescript-Assist, a similar probiotics supplement marketed for human consumption.

Even though leonardite contains humic acid, which is beneficial to garden soil and is thus considered to be part of the “soil-based microorganisms” that contribute to Pet Flora’s alleged efficacy, this mineral matrix compound is not generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – meaning it isn’t really supposed to be consumed.

But that’s what happens every time Pet Flora is administered to people’s pets, potentially putting them at risk of exposure to lead and aluminum. While it’s unknown to what degree leonardite poses health risks to pets, its composition, as revealed by CWC Labs, creates a lot of question for human health.

While there’s nothing to suggest that leonardite, when used as a soil amendment, is in any way dangerous, the same cannot be said for leonardite being internally consumed. Consequently, Natural News has a duty to get this information out there, in the hopes that people will take caution before giving this product to their furry loved ones.


“Lead is a toxic heavy metals linked to brain damage, and aluminum is a toxic metal linked to Alzheimer’s, kidney disorders and a variety of neurological problems,” warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“The fact that this probiotic supplement is openly sold to the public through Jeff Bezos’ retail operation demonstrates Amazon’s utter lack of quality control and public safety measures,” he further points out about Amazon’s role in allowing this product, which may be in violation of the FDA’s regulations for dietary supplements, to be sold on its platform.

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Leonardite is sold as a garden or soil amendment, and NOT for internal consumption

As part of its investigation, CWC Labs purchased a bag of leonardite for testing. And interestingly enough, the bag had a label on it explaining that leonardite is supposed to be used as a garden or soil amendment, and is not for internal consumption.

We also reached out to Leonardite Products, LLC, a major supplier of leonardite, to find out if this is accurate. What we determined is that leonardite is not sold for use in dietary supplements or animal feed – and that companies doing this could be in violation of FDA rules for supplement additives.

“I’m guessing the FDA isn’t going to be very happy about this,” Leonardite Products President Cherie Harms told us.

What this suggests is that Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. has taken it upon itself to simply add this ingredient to its probiotics without approval, which could be harming the bodies of people’s pets with toxic metals.

“[W]hen probiotics companies add Leonardite to their oral products, they are taking a highly contaminated substance that’s full of lead and aluminum, then adding it to their probiotics supplements that people swallow,” warns Adams.

“The fact that Leonardite Products publicly posted their mineral analysis means the probiotic manufacturer that used this material in a dietary supplement should have been aware of the high levels of lead and aluminum it contained,” he further adds, pointing out that Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. is without excuse when it comes to knowing the potential dangers associated with leonardite.

Stay tuned to Natural News for more updates about this situation as it continues to unfold.

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