Fluoride chemicals added to U.S. drinking water are unprocessed TOXIC WASTE; water fluoridation needs to end

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Image: Fluoride chemicals added to U.S. drinking water are unprocessed TOXIC WASTE; water fluoridation needs to end

(Natural News) Having access to fluoridated drinking water that can supposedly improve your dental health sounds like a first-world luxury on the surface – but the truth is that it’s a recipe for ill health and experts are calling for this dangerous practice to be stopped.

In fact, America is one of very few developed countries that fluoridates its water, with Green Med Info reporting that just 5 percent of the world’s population consumes this type of water. More people in America drink it than in all other nations combined, and we’re paying the price in terms of our health.

That’s because the fluoride chemicals that are placed in our drinking water are actually unprocessed toxic waste products. Most people never take the time to question where all that fluoride added to our water comes from, and the answer is shocking: It is generally pollutants captured from the phosphate fertilizer industry in Florida or chemical imports that come from China, known for a lack of regulation and adulteration. These chemicals aren’t purified before they’re added to drinking water, and it’s not at all unusual for them to contain significant amounts of heavy metals like arsenic, mercury and lead.

Fluoride’s many dangers outweigh any possible benefits

Researchers have expressed concerns about the lack of regulation and safety of fluoride additives. Studies have shown it’s a neurotoxin that can be linked to problems like lower IQ in children, premature birth, neurological development impairments, autism, and preeclampsia. In fact, some experts believe the unusually high rate of premature birth in the U.S. could be related to the practice of fluoridating water.


It’s also worth noting that the death rates in the ten states with the most fluoridation are as much as 26 percent higher than they are in the ten states with the least fluoridation, and they also have triple the rates of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fluoride is added to water on the pretense of improving dental health, but its track record there is questionable, too. There are some concerns about the rising number of people with fluorosis. This condition, which is caused by excessive fluorine intake, leads to stained teeth and ligament calcification. Some studies have even shown that cities with fluoridated water actually have higher rates of cavities among their population than non-fluoridated cities, something that is likely due to the weakening and damage caused to tooth enamel over time by fluoride.

It also threatens your thyroid gland’s ability to absorb iodine, making you vulnerable to fatigue and weight gain. In addition, it can calcify your pineal gland, which can cause a host of health problems we are just beginning to understand.

There’s another big concern, too: Fluoride bonds with the aluminum found in drinking water, facilitating its entry into your body and brain. This can lead to neurodegenerative problems and other serious issues, like an even higher risk of Alzheimer’s.

While 74.4 percent of Americans on public water systems have access to fluoridated water right now, other countries have resisted the practice. Finland, Norway and Sweden all banned water fluoridation during the 1970s and 1980s because its impact on health and the environment was questionable, while Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and France have all deemed it too dangerous.

It’s time for this mass medication experiment to be put to an end. If water fluoridation was really so beneficial, other places would be doing the same thing. At the very least, people should have the option of deciding for themselves if the supposed benefits outweigh the risks rather than having their water poisoned without their consent.

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