Dairy industry to DISAPPEAR in 10 years?

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Image: Dairy industry to DISAPPEAR in 10 years?

(Natural News) Times are changing fast. So are healthy eating and drinking trends. As Maple Leaf Foods is set to open the largest plant-based meat factory (costing $300 million) in North America, vegan food production rates are skyrocketing to meet the non-meat, non-dairy consumption demands. Even Haagen-Dazs is now marketing a rice-milk chocolate and fudge-swirled, non-dairy ice cream alternative. In the next five years, the vegan ice cream global market is expected to surpass the $1 billion mark.

The business strategy is quite simple: Millions of Americans are waking up to the costly health effects of regularly consuming dairy, so the plant-based food industry is feeding the demand for healthy alternatives to milk, such as organic rice milk, cashew milk, almond milk, and coconut milk.

Organic rice milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and plant-based cheeses are starting to WIPE OUT the entire dairy industry

Milk, it does a body bad. Why? Dairy causes inflammation, the root of nearly all health ills, including diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and dementia. Are you wary of dairy? You should be. Think about this. Over 75 percent of all the world’s antibiotics are used on animal feeding operations to stave off bacterial infections. Then they jack up the animals with hormones, to make matters worse. Many milk cows suffer udder infections that translate into toxic milk for the humans to swallow. More antibiotics!

We’re already seeing “superbugs” taking over hospitals as they become immune to all forms of antibiotics, drugs that doctors sling like there’s no tomorrow. It’s only a matter of time before superbugs devour and devastate the CAFOs of America (confined animal feeding operations) that breed infected meat and pus-laden dairy from abused, drugged-up animals.


Dairy Farmers of America reported a $100 million loss of net income revenue for 2018. Why? They’ve had to lower their prices to compete with “milk” alternatives. Now, two-thirds of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Ever wonder why? This could actually be leading to the evaporation of the entire dairy industry, including milk, cream, butter, and cheese, inside of as little as five years.

Still not ready to ditch dairy? Read this

Did you know the entire country of Germany is “fur farm free?” It’s true. The government officially passed legislation banning fur farms, and the last one has recently been shut down and vacated. Germany now joins the U.K. (fur free since 2000) and Austria (fur free since 2004) in their drive to help their citizens get healthy and stay healthy.

Vegan restaurant chains are doubling their locations to support the demand. The rewards of a plant-based lifestyle are incalculable, as reflected by a 40 percent increase in plant-based food trends in the USA, noticeable especially among the under-40 population.

Try eating cashew-based cheese for a few weeks and you’ll never go back to the health-crippling dairy kind. Try making smoothies with hemp milk, hemp seeds, and hemp fiber, and after a few, you’ll never return to cow’s milk and whey.

Start grilling vegetables, broiling them for a few minutes after you bake them, or even using an air fryer, so you can avoid meat, hydrogenated oils, gluten, eggs, and dairy. Scrambled (pan seared) tofu or tempeh with onions and mushrooms and vegan cheese is amazingly tasty. Watch some vegan news, even if you’re not vegan, and learn something valuable about health trends now.

Tune in to HealthFreedom.news for updates on ways to save your mind, body, and soul from the onslaught of American meat, dairy, and GMOs. You don’t have to be a doctor or nutritionist to realize that chronic inflammation is your arch enemy, and anything you can do to reduce and eliminate it qualifies as your new best friend.

Be a part of the New Health Renaissance forging through America. Let’s beat down Big Food and Allopathic Medicine. Look out you corporate monsters, we’ve got some Kryptonite for you. It’s an army of intelligent, informed consumers fueled by an organic plant-based regimen.

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