Five inescapable truths about the people you might encounter over the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend

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Image: Five inescapable truths about the people you might encounter over the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend

(Natural News) As you connect with family, friends and in-laws over this Thanksgiving holiday and weekend, keep these five things in mind… it might just save your sanity.

#1) You are living in a world that’s largely populated by NPCs

Most of the people you will encounter are NPCs — Non-Player Characters — who operate as little more than biological puppets controlled by outside sources. They have “no internal dialog,” in other words, and nearly everything they say is just regurgitated nonsense they picked up from “official sources.”

Most people have now become utterly incapable of original, internal ideas. They’re sponges who simply operate from conformity, obedience and peer pressure. Trying to talk to NPCs from a point of view of reason is sort of like trying to play chess with a pigeon. It only annoys the pigeon, who craps all over the chess board and then claims you’re a pigeon-hater.

If you encounter one of these NPCs, just remember: Orange Man Bad!

#2) Almost everyone you know is mentally poisoned with toxic chemicals and weaponized fake news disinformation

Even the people you meet who mean well have been extremely brain damaged by the toxic chemicals in the food, water, vaccines and prescription drugs that now inundate the population. The only sane, rational people you might encounter are those who disavow all mind-altering medications, filter their water at home and eat clean foods to avoid brain-damaging pesticides and herbicides (like glyphosate).

Most of the population has been chemically lobotomized to one extent or another. Trying to reason with them is a complete waste of time. You might as well argue with an armadillo, as they have about the same number of functioning brain neurons.

It’s easy to spot the brain-damaged individuals in society these days simply by listening to the words they use. Anyone who repeatedly uses the term “patriarchy” is probably brain damaged. Also beware of those who claim to be “gender fluid” or engaged in “social justice.” When you challenge any of these people with facts, their response collapses into, essentially, “Orange Man Bad.”

Read for more examples of the sheer insanity and mental incapacitation of modern Leftists.

#3) Most people are beyond saving, and trying to awaken them will only make them annoyed, angry and violent

Although the left-wing media has instructed all its obedient sheeple followers to try to “convert” conservatives into liberals on Thanksgiving, I’m not going to give you the inverse advice because it’s a waste of your valuable time. You can’t save people who are brain damaged beyond repair and driven by animalistic hatred and bigotry at every level of their existence.

But if you take joy out of annoying the libtards, share with them the recent story about physicist Freeman Dyson and how he agrees with the Health Ranger about the simple, scientific fact that carbon dioxide is a blessing to all plant life on planet Earth. In fact, just leave your car running in the driveway during Thanksgiving dinner and explain you’re working to “help re-green the Earth by producing more nutrients for plants.”

If the person you’re talking to isn’t aware of how photosynthesis works — and why carbon dioxide is essential for forests, food crops, grasslands and plant life — show them this simple scientific process chart on photosynthesis. Note that the illustration is labeled “Kids Discover,” because even children can understand that photosynthesis requires CO2, but apparently adult liberals cannot.


#4) The best way to help people wake up and escape their toxic world is to start teaching them about clean foods and clean living

Instead of trying to argue with people who are brain damaged, the best way to reach them in the long run is to help them heal. This can be done by teaching them about the toxins in food, medicine, vaccines, personal care products, municipal water and so on.

When you encourage people to eat organic, they may stop poisoning their brains with chemical pesticides. When you encourage people to get a water filter for their home, they stop drinking brain-damaging fluoride. And when you show them why vitamin D is more effective than flu shots at preventing influenza infections, you help prevent them from receiving a mercury-laced influenza vaccine that causes a kind of “mental lobotomy” due to mercury’s damaging effects on the brain. (Yes, flu shots still contain mercury.)

Encourage the people you know to read about glyphosate and why it causes cancer. We have several web sites dedicated to these topics, including:

You will find that once people start cleaning up their food and personal care products — getting rid of the toxic laundry detergents, dryer sheets, deodorants and soaps — they will begin to naturally awaken by themselves as their brains begin to heal and regain normal function.

One source for fragrance-free, chem-free personal care products is the Health Ranger Store, which is having a Black Friday Sale all day Friday and Saturday.

#5) People only change their minds if they believe they have come to their own conclusions by themselves, without outside influence

Finally, consider this interesting phenomenon: Even though most people are force-fed false “beliefs” by outside sources, they mistakenly believe they came to those same conclusions on their own, without outside influence. This is exactly why most college students who claim Obama was good and Trump is bad, for example, can’t name a single accomplishment of Obama. Their beliefs have no basis in fact, but they’re sure they must be based on some internal decision process rooted in reason… even though they cannot locate such reasoning in their own memory.

This is why telling people the truth doesn’t work if it clashes with their existing beliefs. Your “truth” information is just outside data, they figure, and that’s not as reliable as their internal decision process that gave rise to their existing beliefs. What they don’t realize, of course, is that their internal beliefs are actually just external propaganda programming from MSNBC, CNN, NYT, late night comedy, etc. They’ve been programmed with installed “tapes” that they mistakenly believe are rational, fact-based beliefs.

So the way to change the minds of those who might have potential for awakening is to lead them to their own new conclusions that will replace their own false beliefs. One of the best ways to achieve this is the Socratic Method of asking questions and allowing the “student” to come to the answers on their own.

On the transgenderism topic, for example, you might ask someone, “If gender is fluid, and there are no real men or women, then what is feminism based on?” Or, “If gender is ‘assigned’ at birth, then why are infant girls already born with all the eggs they will ever have in their entire life?”

You might also ask: If biology isn’t real, then how can all men be bad, as the Left claims?

If people should never be judged by the color of their skin, then why are all white people bad for the way they were born?

If socialism works, then what happened in Venezuela?

Why are the wealthy fleeing high-tax states like California and New York?

If climate change caused the California fires, then why are the people of California still driving cars that they say cause climate change?

Why are 98% of mass shootings carried out in gun-free zones?

If gun control works, then why is Chicago the gun murder capital of the country?

How will bankrupt states pay the pension entitlements they owe retired government workers? What will happen when they can’t pay?

Why is it okay among Democrats to allow the genital mutilation of little girls in the name of “tolerance?”

If aborting a third-term baby is called a woman’s “Reproductive Health,” then what about the reproductive health of the unborn child who might want to grow up and have her own babies one day? Do her rights not matter?

If Bruce Jenner pretends to be a woman and wins a “Woman of the Year” award, does that mean a biological man is better at being a woman than all the other women in America? How can Bruce Jenner know what it means to be a woman if he’s never given birth, breastfed or raised children as a mom? Oprah is a woman. Is Bruce Jenner a better woman than Oprah? So wait, you mean that a white man is a better woman than a black woman? But I thought you said being white makes you bad… so wait, please explain… etc.

Or perhaps your friends and family members are already awakened

If you’re especially blessed this Thanksgiving, your family and friends will be people who are already awakened and informed. If so, count your blessings, because that’s a rarity these days.

Either way, make the best of it and enjoy the time off, because as soon as the holiday is over, Democrats will be back at work, scheming ways to steal the 2020 election using the same tactics they just field tested in the 2018 mid-terms.

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