Papaya leaf juice is good for your blood; the drink can remedy anemia and fight off dengue fever

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Image: Papaya leaf juice is good for your blood; the drink can remedy anemia and fight off dengue fever

(Natural News) Although the papaya is more famous for its delicious and refreshing fruit, one should not ignore its leaves. Repeated tests in India have proven the benefits of papaya leaf juice in boosting platelet count, indicating its potential as a treatment for certain blood conditions.

In 2009, the Asian Institute of Science and Technology declared the papaya as an effective treatment for dengue fever because of its platelet-boosting benefits. Researchers tested the papaya leaf suspension on mice and found that it caused a significant increase in the animals’ platelet count.

Platelets are special blood cells responsible for the formation of blood clots. Because of this, they play a very important role in closing wounds and initiating recovery from injuries. Normally, a microliter (one-millionth of a liter) of blood can have 150,000 to 400,000 platelets – the number varies between adult males and females. Having too little is called thrombocytopenia and can lead to hemorrhage while having too many is called thrombocytosis and can result in the random formation of blood clots.

Thrombocytopenia can occur due to several factors; it could be that the bone marrow is not producing enough platelets, or it could be caused by anemia, among other things.

Dengue fever is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It starts out as intermittent fevers that graduate to thrombocytosis when untreated, sometimes leading to death. It affects millions of children and adults worldwide. The World Health Organization reports that even today, there is no definitive medical cure for the disease, but early detection is key to effective treatment. (Related: Dengue vaccine does NOT protect against the disease but actually puts you at HIGHER RISK of contracting it.)


India and its neighboring regions have been the site of several dengue outbreaks in the last few decades, so the possibility of natural treatment using papaya leaves is a welcome development. Here are a few notable studies:

  • In 2011, researchers in Pakistan gave papaya leaf extract to a patient suffering from dengue fever twice daily. After five days, the patient’s platelet count rose by more than three times.
  • Findings from 2013 detailed in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 2013 reported that papaya leaf juice accelerated the increase in platelet count among sufferers of dengue fever (Grades 1 and 2, as well as the deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever).
  • In a randomized trial conducted by the Institute for Medical Research and the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, half of 228 patients received standard treatment, while the other half was given a small amount of fresh papaya leaf juice. The increase in platelet count was more remarkable in the experimental group than in the standard group.
  • In 2016, the June edition of the Journal of the Association of Physicians of India published findings from two studies providing further proof of the positive effects of papaya leaf juice on platelets. One study, involving 300 subjects, was placebo-controlled. The other study involved 400 patients.

Other health benefits of papaya leaf juice

Papaya leaf juice does more than treat thrombocytosis caused by dengue fever. It also has a host of other health benefits, including the following:

  • It cleanses the liver – Both the papaya fruit and papaya leaf has potent liver cleansing properties, helping prevent diseases like liver cirrhosis and certain chronic conditions.
  • It improves digestion – The leaves of the papaya plant contains papain and chymopapain, enzymes that help clean the colon. They can also help prevent constipation.
  • It helps treat ulcers – Papaya leaves have powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that make them effective against peptic ulcers.
  • It lowers blood sugar levels – The leaves contain compounds that help regulate insulin in the body which, in turn, aid in keeping blood sugar levels low.
  • It improves hair and skin – The presence of karpain in the leaves helps free the skin from acne and harmful microorganisms. It also enhances hair growth and prevents balding.

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