Huffington Post gets weird: slams ‘strong men’ – promotes ‘sensual photoshoots’ instead

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Image: Huffington Post gets weird: slams ‘strong men’ – promotes ‘sensual photoshoots’ instead

(Natural News) Every time you think the Regressive Left has reached a peak of both incompetence and complete ridiculousness, they prove you wrong in the weirdest fashion imaginable. One of the all-time great offenders of this is none other than the Huffington Post, which has gotten so uncomfortable to read in recent months that it almost feels like a parody of itself at this point. Trying to decipher an article on Huffington Post from an article on The Onion has gotten increasingly difficult — and they clearly don’t seem to be in on the joke.

One of the most cringe-inducing articles ever published by the ultra-liberal website is quite recent, though, proving that those in charge are constantly keeping up with the social justice Joneses despite the annoyance that always comes with such behavior.

In an article titled “Sensual Photos Shatter The Idea That Strong Men Can’t Be Vulnerable” by Huffington Post journalist Priscilla Frank, muscular men are shamed for their physical appearance by claiming that awkward, flabby beta males are the true “strong men” of modern America. It’s a weird article that only gets worse as you read on. If the text and explanations weren’t bad enough, there are a number of strange photographs depicting shirtless men without definition lying in fields.

It’s honestly quite hilarious.

The Regressive Left’s illogical fear of masculinity — real masculinity — and gender roles is truly something to behold. By constantly trying to undercut the fact that the average man has masculine character traits, they’re shaming men into behaving like sensitive crybabies. This is insulting to both men who have testosterone and us women who like our men to behave like men instead of awkward little boys.

This is dangerous rhetoric that has all sorts of negative societal consequences. The patriarchal system that virtually every advanced society on Earth has been built on has been proven to work time and time again. There’s a reason so many societies have gone to well with this one — because it has continued to be successful. For whatever reason, leftists journalists have convinced themselves that this is all one big coincidence and that men and women are completely interchangeable.

For us who appreciate science and culture, this is infuriating, but still par for the course when it comes to the leftists that just can’t stand the fact that there are people out there that have their lives in order. They want the rest of us to be as screwed up as they are.



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