Learn to create a bulletproof immune system and never get a cold again

Image: Learn to create a bulletproof immune system and never get a cold again

(Natural News) With flu season on the horizon, now is the time to start building up your immune system with superfoods and supplements, so you and your body can be ready for anything. Taking the right supplements can fuel your immune system, lessen the severity of infections, boost healing time and may even help to prevent sickness all together. As the old adage goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

There are a variety of infectious organisms that can find their way into our lives, such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. These organisms seek out weak hosts that they can easily overcome — someone with a weak immune system. Your immune system, much like everything else in your body, is dramatically affected by what you eat. Consuming a low-nutrient diet, one that is often comprised of refined grains, sugar, trans fat and preservative, can negatively affect your body and your immune system. After all, your immune system needs several key nutrients to function at its best. Recent research has shown that zinc, for example, can help to shorten the duration of illnesses like colds and reduce symptom severity. Studies have also shown that increasing selenium intake improves immune system function. Many have indicated that the immune system needs selenium in order to obtain optimal performance. Vitamin C, of course, is highly regarded for its immunity-boosting benefits.

Avoiding processed foods and instead choosing whole foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts can provide you with many valuable nutrients that are necessary for good health. In addition to following a healthy diet that is centered on nutrient-rich foods, adding a supplement or two to your daily regime can help to boost your efforts and keep you feeling great.

Chlorella is one of nature’s greatest gifts when it comes to immune-boosting properties. This potent superfood is regarded for its extremely high nutrient density and potent antioxidant capacity. Chlorella contains its own unique phytonutrient known as sporopollenin, which is one of the most effective antioxidant phytonutrients that has been observed.

Echinacea is another popular supplement for immune health, and for good reason too. Taking echinacea for just one week can help to strengthen your entire immune system. However, taking it for more than a week at a time can actually cause it to lose its potency. After taking it for a week, you should wait about five days before taking it again. If you want to see the best possible results, try taking echinacea with vitamin C. When vitamin C and echinacea are combined, disease doesn’t stand a chance against your immune system.

So there you have it. Following a healthy diet that is rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is one of the best ways to really strengthen your immune system. taking a high-potency nutritional supplement can help to bolster your efforts and give your immune system some extra oomph.







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