Natural UV Protection: Non-toxic oils that act as a sunscreen layer

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Image: Natural UV Protection: Non-toxic oils that act as a sunscreen layer

(Natural News) The quest for a sunscreen product that is non-toxic is a tough one. The fact is that many sunscreens rely on toxic, man-made chemicals to filter and protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Sunscreens often also include ingredients meant to enhance the product’s adherence to your skin, but this can also result in your body absorbing more of the product into your bloodstream. Discernible levels of sunscreen additives can even be detected in blood samples, breast milk and urine.

Most conventional sunscreens use some combination of chemical filters such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, octinoxate, or octisalate. reports that some chemical filters can actually mimic hormones in our bodies and can also cause skin allergies. EWG states that around 70% of chemical sunscreens contain oxybenzone, which is one of the most worrisome additives to chemical sunscreens.

Oxybenzone is reported to mimic estrogen in the body, alter sperm production in animal studies and has been linked to endometriosis in women and it also can cause skin reactions. Most chemical filters come with moderate to high toxicity concerns.

There is another way to help protect your skin!

Fortunately, there are other options for protecting your skin from the sun. There are much better ways to prevent sunburn that are far less toxic, like natural oils. It may seem odd, but there are several oils that you can use to protect your skin.

Carrot seed oil is one of the best skin-protecting oils offered by Mother Nature. Carrot seed oil is rich and very concentrated, so it should be diluted a little with a milder carrier oil. Carrot seed oil is as effective as chemical sunscreens, but is all-natural and non-toxic.


Coconut oil is another great skin-protecting oil that is used for skin care across the world. Many tropical countries use coconut oil for sun protection daily, but its protective effects are moderate so reapplication is a must. Another lighter, natural protective oil is almond oil. Studies show almond oil offers protective effects equivalent to an SPF 6 sun lotion — commonly used by people who don’t want to burn, but still want to get a summer glow.

Wheatgerm oil is said to be one of the top three most effective skin-protecting oils. It offers a boost of antioxidants and a dose of vitamin E to help bolster skin repair. Vitamin E itself is a potent antioxidant that can help to prevent sun damage.

Red raspberry oil is one of the most impressive sunscreens found in nature. This oil boasts an SPF of between 30 and 50, making it one of the strongest natural sunscreens and setting it on par with a conventional product you might purchase for a day at the beach. Red raspberry oil also contains a good amount of vitamin E, which enhances skin healing.

Why use a toxic, chemical-laden sunscreen when you can choose a natural, moisturizing oil that’s actually good for your skin offers the same sun protection?



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