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Allergy Sufferers: Clean Your Nose

Friday, May 22, 2009 by: Tiffany Boutwell
Tags: allergies, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) For children suffering from seasonal allergies, summertime can be bittersweet. On the one hand, they get to go play outside and burn off all that pent-up energy from sitting in a school desk for the last nine months. But on the other hand, it can be quite miserable running around with itchy eyes and a box of tissues all day. In mild cases of allergies in children, doctors are all too quick to prescribe antihistamines, steroids, or other pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms, not the cause. However, there is a safe, all-natural way to alleviate the annoyance of seasonal allergies that can be fun at the same time.

Nasal irrigation through the use of a neti pot is a practice that originated in India and has been used for centuries. It is used to flush the nasal cavities of excess mucus and debris and has no side effects. A neti pot looks like a miniature tea pot which is filled with warm water and sea salt. The mixture is poured into one nostril with the head tilted, running through both nasal cavities and exiting out the opposite nostril. When mixed correctly, one teaspoon salt to half-liter of water, there is no discomfort in the process and the warm water can actually feel quite soothing. For children, it can be fun watching all the snot and gunk come out of their noses.

Neti pots work by thinning mucus which aids in flushing it out easier. This allows bacteria and allergens to exit the body instead of spreading and causing infections in other areas. The neti pot can also help prevent allergic reactions from turning into sinus infections. By eliminating the excess mucus from nasal passages, the rinse prevents crusting from mucus that would have otherwise stayed in the nose. This allows sinuses to drain properly, thus avoiding an infection. They also help reduce swelling in the nasal passages.

Neti pots can be found in most drug stores and are relatively inexpensive. They can be stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic, though most in the pharmacies are made of plastic. It is really a matter of personal choice as to which one is best. For children, they may prefer a decorative ceramic pot best to peak their interest.

The down side to neti pots is that you have to commit to putting in the time and effort. It should be done at least once a day but can be done more often depending on how severe the allergies are. With the convenience of modern medicine, it is much easier to just pop a pill and forget about it. But when you factor in the toll that the chemicals take on your system, it`s really a lot more convenient to practice prevention.

Luckily, there are also other natural ways to relieve symptoms if a neti pot doesn`t seem right for your children. Eliminating dairy products from your child`s diet can be helpful as they are believed to cause excess mucus. Also, adding allergy barriers to their sheets and pillows can go a long way in preventing symptoms, though they can contain chemicals, so try to find one that does not. Most doctors, however, will not tell you about the natural and safe ways to eliminate or reduce your child`s suffering, but rather yank out their prescription pad and send you on your way.

Your mom always told you to wash behind your ears, but don`t forget to wash behind your nose, too!



About the author

Tiffany Boutwell is a devoted wife and mother to 2 beautiful children. She is raising her children in a natural lifestyle on a four acre farm in Sparta,KY. Like many others, Tiffany is strong in her convictions to supporting a healthy and happy home, community, and eventually the rest of the world! You can view her blog about life on a farm at naturalapplemom.wordpress.com

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