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New device detects presence of life-threatening superbugs in just two minutes


New device detects presence of life-threatening superbugs in just two minutes Tuesday, June 20, 2017 by: Tim Wesley superbug detector , superbug epidemic - (Natural News ) Mankind may soon have the weapon it needs to win the battle against superbugs. ... This superbug detector can be extremely beneficial because doctors would immediately know what to prescribe their patients. "...

Carbon monoxide found to multiply effectiveness of antibiotics – but at what cost to health?


. - Set up alarms – To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, install a detector in your home. ... Sources include: Newswise.com Economical.com Previous :Shocking scientific study concludes violent video games may REDUCE real-world violence by providing a safe outlet for aggression Next : Asthma epidemic at Pittsburgh elementary school linked to pollution from nearby coke plant - More news on Antibiotics Listen to the experts: Antibiotics DAMAGE immune system function, warn researchers Health ...

Home-based silent killer: Radon gas, known to be the leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke, is found in surprising number of homes


The study participants also gave information on their home metrics, such as construction year, build type, foundation type, and floor and room of deployment of the radon detector, through an online survey. ... Sources include: TheConversation.com CMAJOpen.ca Cancer.gov EPA.gov CDC.gov Previous :Sugar alternative is NOT so healthy after all: Trehalose, a substitute used in many processed foods, is giving rise to a superbug, severe disease, study warns Next : Exercise your face: Facial ...