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Medicaid expansion, Obamacare BOTH caused the current opioid epidemic that's killing thousands: Senate report


(Related: Report: Obamacare, Medicaid expansion CONTRIBUTED to country’s OPIOID epidemic .) ... “Other preliminary data suggests a connection between Medicaid expansion and opioid abuse. "...

Obamacare’s “death spiral” spreading from insurance companies to Medicaid as collapse is imminent


And on that note, has the Medicaid expansion been such a rousing success that it’s now become a permanent entitlement, politically untouchable? ... “Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion changed that in states that accepted it.” In a November report , Horton’s organization found that Medicaid expansion enrollment was blowing through projections, meaning more people than expected are signing up – and many of them are not healthy. "...

The ticking Medicaid time bomb


Tanner says the designers of Obamacare "saw the expansion of Medicaid as an important feature of their plan to sell coverage to the uninsured. ... This Medicaid expansion is just another fiscal time bomb waiting to explode. Sources: http://nypost.com http://www.washingtonpost.com http://www.breitbart.com - Search on GoodGopher.com GoodGopher.com is the new search engine for truth seekers. "...

Surprise: Under Obamacare, states can seize assets to recoup Medicaid expenses


Surprise: Under Obamacare, states can seize assets to recoup Medicaid expenses Friday, March 07, 2014 by: J. ... Oregon followed suit shortly thereafter, but thus far, 23 other states that took the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare have opted not to change their estate recovery rules, meaning there is quite a bit of money at stake. "...

Medicaid news, articles and information:


Medicaid news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Tenet hospitals to pay $514 million settlement after admitting to illegal Medicaid kickback scheme 10/6/2016 - Tenet Healthcare Corp. has agreed to pay more than $514 million to settle a federal lawsuit involving two of the company's hospitals in Atlanta that were found guilty of participating in a Medicaid kickback and bribery scheme. ... The big Medicaid lie exposed: Govt. to collect healthcare costs from ...

Did Obamacare Really Save Lives?


What really drove the increase in insurance coverage under ObamaCare was the expansion of Medicaid. ... Namely, the states that took advantage of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion saw a worse impact on their mortality rates than the states that rejected the expansion. "...

The top 5 biggest Obamacare fails and why Republicans and Trump should try again to repeal and replace


That isn’t even true for Americans who had no health insurance but are now subsidized under Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, since now they’re at least paying something for coverage. ... (RELATED: The one element that should be in ANY Obamacare repeal is freedom .) - Medicaid expansion burden: Obamacare extended Medicaid coverage to millions of Americans who otherwise made enough money that they didn’t previously qualify for a program that was set up to ...

Big Pharma to bankrupt Medicaid with outrageous prices on new 'wonder drug'


The pharmaceutical industry is salivating over the prospect of milking the Medicaid system dry, now that Obamacare has expanded medical coverage to millions of low-income individuals who require expensive drug treatments for serious health conditions. ... According to The Washington Post (WP), the drug was strategically released at the same time that Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions dramatically expanded both private and Medicaid coverage for such drugs, representing significant ...

Another Obamacare fail: New study finds the terrible “healthcare reform” law is driving more Americans to drink


Most all of it is directly tied to the ACA instead of Medicaid expansion. The increase in risky alcohol use is in contrast to the researchers’ findings regarding other unhealthy habits. ... (Related: Report: Obamacare, Medicaid expansion CONTRIBUTED to country’s OPIOID epidemic .) "...

Nearly 50 million Americans now on food stamps as middle class plummets into poverty


Obamacare's individual mandate - which compels more people to seek out health insurance - paired with the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare has created a perfect storm for an increase in low-income assistance program participation, Alabama Republican Sen. ... In sum, the report noted, 71 percent of the total increase in health insurance coverage during the first half of last year was attributable to Obamacare Medicaid expansion in 25 states and Washington, ...

The big Medicaid lie exposed: Govt. to collect healthcare costs from your estate even after you die


There is yet another thing that your government didn't tell you about Obamacare and its subsequent expansion of Medicaid: If you enroll in the taxpayer-funded health coverage program through an Obamacare exchange, then, when you die, your estate will be taken by the government. ... In the past, in order to qualify for Medicaid, applicants were required to reduce their assets; with the Obamacare expansion, however, now more recipients are better off and more likely ...

Total debacle as Obamacare failures cost North Dakota company $73m in losses


Medicaid expansions forcing insurance companies to raise rates yet again Another element of the ACA was to expand Medicaid, hoping to offer the state program to a greater number of people. When BCBSND assessed the situation last December, they decided to withdraw from the Medicaid expansion, due to financial risks. "...

Bankrupt government slashing payments to doctors by 43%; medicare patients to be rejected nationwide


And Medicaid expansion is at the heart of the Affordable Care Act (though you would think, in a free-market economy, the goal of any health insurance reform effort would be to put more people into private-sector plans, not hook them on a taxpayer-subsidized plan). ... As such, it would make no sense to reduce Medicaid payments "at a time when the population enrolled in Medicaid is surging," he said. "...

Despite promises of the opposite, ER visits keep rising under Obamacare


A separate report by the Health Policy Institute of Ohio found no significant increase in emergency room visits linked to the ACA's Medicaid expansion. ... The situation is made even worse by the fact that Medicaid's low reimbursement rates mean that many doctors will not accept it. "...

New CBO analysis of GOP healthcare bill predicts 14 million fewer Americans covered, but Obamacare didn’t cover everyone, either


The bill does indeed roll back Medicaid expansion over the course of 2-3 years, but let’s remember that Obamacare did indeed expand Medicaid to cover Americans earning 130 percent above the federal poverty line. ... Plus, Medicaid (and Medicare, for that matter) is a ticking fiscal time bomb. No less than the House Speaker himself, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, has said the country is “hosed” if Congress doesn’t do something to reform the program. "...

No, Obamacare didn't "save lives" ... mortality data show the ACA was a health care nightmare that caused many needless deaths


“What the literature actually shows is that expansion of private health insurance coverage contributes to improved health outcomes. ... “…[T]he states that took advantage of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion saw a worse impact on their mortality rates than the states that rejected the expansion,” adds Murphy. "...

Trump: Nothing to do now but "let Obamacare explode" after House fails to garner enough votes for "Obamacare Lite"


For one, the legislation did jump-start the beginnings of a free-market reform system through the expansion of tax-deductible health savings accounts . ... And itwould have begun the transition away from Medicaid expansion, and while not repealing the subsidies yet, would have provided Americans with tax credits to help pay for their own coverage. "...

Smear campaign unleashed against Obamacare cancer victims who speak out


Moderate GOP governor Rick Snyder supports the ACA's Medicaid expansion. And the state's liberal news media have largely ignored the estimated 225,000-plus canceled individual policies and the job losses at medical-device maker Stryker. "...

Unsustainable: Medical bills cause TWO-THIRDS of all U.S. bankruptcies


“The responses also did not differ depending on whether the respondent resided in a state that had accepted ACA’s Medicaid expansion.” "...

Obama's new budget a complete lie: Massive spending increases, virtually no cuts


When Obama hiked tobacco taxes (which disproportionately affect the poor, who smoke more, as a percentage of the population, by the way) to pay for a Medicaid expansion, revenues fell some $2.2 billion short of what was expected. - No friend of the Middle Class. "...