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Scientists reveal a zombie outbreak could wipe out humanity in 100 days: Here's how to survive if it happens


Samuelson Max Brooks , Rebuilding a post apocalyptic world survival , Zombie Attack - (Natural News ) The path to becoming a zombie is diverse. ... Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide, believes zombies are created by the “human Solanum virus,” which travels to the brain and inhibits oxygen flow. "...

Canadian zoologist: Polar bear population is flourishing


Sources include: ClimateDepot.com CNSNews.com Brighteon.com Submit a correction >> Previous :Supreme Court ruling allows Deep State to hide its secret torture activities Next : Activist Max Igan: COVID jab is about genetically modifying humans and getting nanotech inside the human body - More news on Alaska Canadian zoologist: Polar bear population is flourishing RED ALERT: Semisopochnoi volcano in Alaska expected to erupt soon Three volcanoes in Alaska are erupting, spewing lava, steam ...

Nolte: Overwhelming evidence exposes Democrat party's ongoing systemic racism


Below is the name of the victim, the city/state where the death occurred, and the political party in charge of the police at the time… - Rayshard Brooks – Atlanta, GA – Democrat - George Floyd – Minneapolis, MN – Democrat - Breonna Taylor – Louisville, KY – Democrat - Manuel Ellis – Tacoma, WA – Democrat - Atatiana Jefferson – Fort Worth, TX – Republican - Javier Ambler – Austin, TX – Democrat - Tony McDade – Tallahassee, FL – Democrat - Dion Johnson – Phoenix, AZ – Democrat - Jemel Roberson ...

Extreme bias at Wikipedia on homeopathic medicine


. - Fibromyalgia: Bell, IR; Lewis II, DA; Brooks, AJ; et al. "Improved clinical status in fibromyalgia patients treated with individualized homeopathic remedies versus placebo." ... References: - Max Ehrenfreund, "The Science of Wikipedia Flamewars." The Washington Post. "...



.] - ‘Destroy Trump ballots’ demands NYT, Atlantic mag writer - Censorship by Big Tech is imperiling America’s democracy - South Sudan confirms new outbreak of vaccine-related polio tags #10 can #10 can oven #disclosure #exposechristianschools #freebabyholm #hazardous #NeverTrump #nutrition #ProtectDigitalSpeech #savethechildren #SchumerShutdown #shameonsackler #whereiseric $119 billion pension unfunded liabilities $15 an hour $2 billion $2.5 billion $900 million 1 in 8 women in US get breast cancer ...