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Liberal professor claims eating meat perpetuates "hegemonic masculinity"


Liberal professor claims eating meat perpetuates “hegemonic masculinity” Monday, December 11, 2017 by: Jayson Veley dietary habits , feminism , gender , liberalism , masculinity , meat consumption , veganism , vegetarianism - (Natural News ) If you think that the liberals are content with just destroying the United States Constitution and nothing more, then you are sadly mistaken. ... One of the more recent things that progressives have voiced concerns over is what they consider ...

EATING THEIR OWN: Now even the progressive-leaning "Big Bang Theory" show is under attack by liberals for featuring intelligent men of science


In order to make their point that geek masculinity is “an inevitable evolution of hegemonic masculinity in a culture where dominance and technical mastery are increasingly interwoven,” the two professors point to an episode of The Big Bang Theory titled “The Contractual Obligation Implementation.” ... This book about toxic masculinity (or toxic geek masculinity, for that matter) is just a small part of a larger effort by the progressive left to ultimately dismantle ...

Left-wing lunacy invades the behavioral sciences as American Psychological Association labels masculinity "harmful"


The grit and determination of traditional masculinity established the first thirteen colonies on the North American continent. ... Yet, in the 21st century, the American Psychological Association (APA) has defined traditional masculinity as “harmful.” "...

Lunatic liberals now claim fossil fuels cause "petro-masculinity" that makes men hyper-macho


Lunatic liberals now claim fossil fuels cause “petro-masculinity” that makes men hyper-macho Sunday, July 15, 2018 by: Ethan Huff anti-men , anti-white , badscience , Cara Daggett , climate change , feminism , fossil fuels , gas , gender wars , global warming , hypermasculinity , junk science , left cult , Liberal , Libtards , lunatic , masculinity , men , oil , petro-masculinity , race wars , racism , racist , Sexism , sexist , stupid , violence , Virginia Tech , - (Natural ...

The feminization of America accelerates as universities shame men for being men


The Left's feminization of male culture in America is continuing unabated on campus after campus around the United States, with the most recent effort emanating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville. ... As MRC further noted: Other events as part of "Healthy Masculinities Week" include "Maintaining 'Bro' Status: Fraternity men discuss masculinity and mental health," "Masc 4 Masc: Policing masculinity in the gay and bi communities," "Masculinity XXL? "...

The Duke Lacrosse witch hunt demonstrates the mass hysteria of lunatic Leftists who refuse to embrace FACTS that contradict their narratives


Should kindergarteners be taught about toxic masculinity? In a recent issue of On The Horizon, Professor Kathleen Elliott argued that “finding ways to promote healthy masculinity early and to teach boys and young men to recognize, reject, and challenge simplified, toxic masculinity is essential for creating cultural change.” ... (Related: A liberal professor claims that eating meat perpetuates hegemonic masculinity .) "...

Male student challenges myth of "toxic masculinity," warns about real threat of toxic feminism


Male student challenges myth of “toxic masculinity,” warns about real threat of toxic feminism Thursday, June 27, 2019 by: Ethan Huff Alt-Left , brainwashing , Collapse , corruption , feminism , left cult , Libtards , males , manhood , masculinity , men society , toxic femininity , toxic feminism , toxic masculinity , traditional masculinity , western ideas - (Natural News ) If it props women up on a pedestal at the expense of men, you can be sure that Western ...

Liberal activist calls for banning MEN via "man control" since gun control isn't having the desired effect


Not long after that passage, the writer – who is complaining about violence caused by “toxic masculinity” – writes this gem: In contrast, examples of healthy or positive masculinity are protecting the ones you love, standing up for what’s right, punching Nazis, and Terry Crews. ... When brawn is needed to get a dirty or tough job done, that often takes a lot of masculinity. "...

Huffington Post gets weird: slams 'strong men' - promotes 'sensual photoshoots' instead


The Regressive Left’s illogical fear of masculinity — real masculinity — and gender roles is truly something to behold. ... Now intolerant Leftists claim “Little Mermaid” song promotes “toxic masculinity” and demands it stop being performed… is anything safe from liberal lunacy? "...

Gillette dresses women in skin tight clothing with corporate logo spread across their asses, then lectures men about "toxic masculinity"


Others have said the video implies that all masculinity is bad, and that all men are responsible for the actions of a few. ... Promoting the notion that all men are inherent predators is just as harmful as so-called toxic masculinity — if not more so. "...

Gillette goes full libtard; tells men to shave their "toxic masculinity" because being a man is BAD, according to corporate America


The real problem is toxic feminism and the toxic American society it’s created Truth be told, there’s no such thing as “toxic masculinity” – but there is, however, such a thing as toxic feminism. ... “The cultural attack of men by the left has gotten so intense that now even growing facial hair is considered ‘toxic masculinity,'” writes Jamie White for InfoWars.com, illustrating this point. "...

Now intolerant Leftists claim "Little Mermaid" song promotes "toxic masculinity" and demands it stop being performed... is anything safe from liberal lunacy?


Now intolerant Leftists claim “Little Mermaid” song promotes “toxic masculinity” and demands it stop being performed… is anything safe from liberal lunacy? ... “The song launches a heteronormative attack on women’s right to oppose the romantic and sexual liberties taken by men, further inundating the listener with themes of toxic masculinity.” "...

Insane feminist goes on national TV to claim "women can do no wrong" and all men are "toxic"


Kutztown University Professor Colleen Clemens was originally scheduled to appear on Carlson’s show after she publicly blamed masculinity for the recent Texas church shooting on Twitter. ... Or if a man was lying on his deathbed dying from masculinity, would it be possible for him to overcome masculinity simply by disavowing it, to which Areu replied that she “would hope so.” "...

Deep dive into tone deaf Gillette razor ad that stereotypes male masculinity finds it is directed by Kim Gehrig — who hates men


Deep dive into tone deaf Gillette razor ad that stereotypes male masculinity finds it is directed by Kim Gehrig — who hates men Tuesday, January 15, 2019 by: JD Heyes Advertising , branding , bully , discrimination , gender wars , Gillette , hate men , Kim Gehrig , Libtards , male behavior , man-hate , Marketing , radical feminism , razor ad , Reddit , ROFL , social justice , soy boy , stereotype , stupid , toxic feminism , toxic masculinity , Twisted - (Natural News ) In an effort ...

The globalists sinister agenda is working to perfection - turning alpha men into beta boys is leading to Western Civilization's extinction


The globalists sinister agenda is working to perfection – turning alpha men into beta boys is leading to Western Civilization’s extinction Thursday, April 18, 2019 by: News Editors Agenda , american men , beta male , feminists , gender neutral , left cult , LGBT , maleness , masculinity , Snowflakes , soy boys , toxic masculinity - (Natural News ) Yet another day where browsing the news has me shaking my head and realizing that “normal” simply doesn’t exist anymore. ... (Article ...

Procter & Gamble declares MEN are bad, attacks "toxic masculinity" in latest virtue-signaling surrender to the Left Cult


Procter & Gamble declares MEN are bad, attacks “toxic masculinity” in latest virtue-signaling surrender to the Left Cult Monday, January 21, 2019 by: Ethan Huff androgyny , anti-male , anti-white , boys , civilization , Collapse , culture wars , Dollar Shave Club , evil , future , Gillette , idiocracy , left cult , Liberal Mob , Libtards , masculinity , men , metoo , Procter & Gamble , racism , Sexism , SJWs , social justice warriors , societal collapse , stupid , toxic feminism ...

Health Ranger warned about mad science GMO experiments years ago, now a deadly science catastrophe in South America may kill millions


“Even in insects, in other words, masculinity and virility have recognized value for the continuation of the species.” ... To learn more about how modern “progressivism” is destroying men and masculinity by pushing every form of gender perversion as “normal,” be sure to check out Gender.news . "...

BOY SCOUTS self-destructing under the boot of liberalism... "boy" to be removed from its name


Removing “Boy” from Boy Scouts represents latest attack on masculinity and maleness Also commenting on the decision was Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for governor of Georgia. ... Masculinity seems to be enemy number one in the leftist paradise known as the United States of 2018, and thus has to be eliminated at all costs. "...

New intolerant narrative of the deranged Left: All MEN are dangerous, simply for being men


Well, of course, because “masculinity is toxic.” Not only that but society should be “suspicious of males who strongly identify as men.” ... So if a man says, if he’s got a terrible case of toxic masculinity, he’s on his deathbed dying from toxic masculinity…and he says, Bam, ‘I’m a woman now,’ does it cure him?” "...

After pushing "toxic masculinity" nonsense on men, P&G is now celebrating morbid obesity in Gillette Venus marketing to women


After pushing “toxic masculinity” nonsense on men, P&G is now celebrating morbid obesity in Gillette Venus marketing to women Sunday, April 14, 2019 by: Ethan Huff badhealth , body fat , consumer products , culture , deception , Gillette , Gillette Venus , insanity , left cult , lies , morbid obesity , obesity , P&G , Procter & Gamble , products , razors , shaving cream , toxic masculinity , Twisted , virtue signaling , women - (Natural News ) Leave it to a soulless, multinational ...