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Groundbreaking solar device pulls water from DRY air


A demonstration of the device in mid-April showed that with only ambient sunlight it can extract liters of water from the air, even in humidity as low as 20 percent. ... “This is a major breakthrough in the long-standing challenge of harvesting water from the air and low humidity,” said Omar Yaghi, a faculty scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, holder of the James and Neeltje Tretter chair in chemistry at UC-Berkeley, and a senior co-author of ...

Researchers create a harvesting system that can extract clean drinking water from air


Meanwhile, the team took a cue from relatively new porous, sponge-like, high-surface-area materials called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to develop a water harvesting system that can extract potable water from places with relative humidity as low as 10 percent. The test device ran solely by sunlight , and while the fog- and dew-harvesting systems require pumps and compressors that can eventually wear out, the researchers’ device has no moving parts and can be operated in a passive ...

Scientists now claim coronavirus is affected by weather and climate


These cities also experienced cold temperatures and relatively low humidity from January through March. ... At the same time, the cities also had similarly low amounts of specific humidity. "...

9 Common allergy triggers hidden in your home and how to avoid them


(Related: Dust mite allergies: Symptoms, treatments and prevention .) - Humidity levels – High humidity levels can create mold, which releases spores that trigger allergies. On the other hand, low humidity levels can make the air dry and cause dry, itchy skin, eyes and throat. "...

Food storage basics: Avoiding the downsides of canning your own food


Meanwhile, low acid foods, or those with a pH of more than 4.6, need a longer processing time. ... Choose a room with low humidity and dark lighting. Low humidity will help maintain metal lids because it prevents rusting, while darkness is ideal since UV rays from sunlight may degrade nutrients and cause spoilage. "...

Keeping a low profile: How to avoid thermal cameras deployed by the surveillance state


The latter happens during overcast or windy weather and high humidity. This means that under the right circumstances, you have a good couple of minutes to take advantage of the thermal crossover. ... Hotze Report: Karen Kingston says Biden’s EO 14081 is all about transhumanism – Brighteon.TV Voice assistants Siri and Alexa creating RUDE, ANTISOCIAL children Scientists make stunning discovery that reveals Mars can support life Test finds EV Ford F-150 Lightning has “abysmally bad” towing ...

Saunas help improve joint movement, relieve muscle soreness and arthritis pain


Traditional saunas vary in humidity levels. Finnish saunas, for example, produce relatively low humidity levels (around 10 to 20 percent), while Turkish saunas usually operate at higher humidity levels. "...

A crash course on food drying for preppers


Because sun drying relies heavily on the weather, it should only be done on hot days with relatively low humidity and temperatures of 85 F or higher. ... You have to make sure the temperature is not too low that your food spoils before it dehydrates or too high that it cooks the food instead. "...

Is the climate being engineered?


But Wigington, who says he has studied the contents of the trails, rejects the explanation: he says condensation is limited at flying altitudes because of low humidity, and it’s impossible for condensate to block out so much solar energy. ... They are also desiccants that reduce atmospheric moisture and relative humidity, disrupting the hydrological cycle. "...

Radon in Homes is the Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 3-14% of lung cancer cases are caused by low- and medium-level exposure to radon in homes. ... It's best to test homes when they have low humidity and are closed, which is in the cooler months. "...

Reduce food waste by learning how to store fresh fruits and vegetables properly


Drawers, like your crisper, are cool and retain humidity. Some crispers also have a moveable piece that can be adjusted to let moisture out or trap it in. ... Onions and garlic Onions and garlic can be stored together, but keep them away from moisture in a low-humidity environment. "...

How to preserve foods using sun-drying techniques


Humans have been using solar power to dry fruit, vegetables and meat for thousand of years, and the technique works just as well today, especially if you live in a climate with high temperatures and low humidity, such as the southwestern and midwestern United States. "...

Why you should use a sauna right after an intensive workout


Finnish-style saunas are considered “dry” saunas due to their low humidity level, whereas Turkish-style saunas have plenty of steam. ... Sources include: SportsInjuryClinic.net Healthline.com InfraredSauna.com Previous :Here are some of the best natural remedies for kidney failure in dogs Next : Survival scavenging: 10 Items you can re-purpose when SHTF - More news on blood pressure Hawthorn helps manage heart conditions without any side effects Supplementing with vitamin D found ...

California wildfires were caused by irresponsible development more than weather, according to expert


Dry, strong easterly winds that were blowing as the fire ignited combined with low humidity and several months without rainfall are the main factors, along with the fact that three of the biggest fires broke out at bedtime, delaying emergency response. "...

Not just a cute plant, the bunny ears cactus relieves pain naturally


It grows well in temperatures ranging from 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 37 degrees Celsius) and prefers low humidity conditions. ... This herb can be used to relieve headaches, low back pain, osteoarthritis, and others. "...

Do you have dry feet? Try these 5 home remedies for softer, smoother skin


Cold weather can also cause dry skin, primarily due to low humidity. You should also check the soap or skin cleansers that you are using. "...

The Pine Gulch Fire is now the second largest wildfire in Colorado history


The area also recently set records for low humidity. “We just have no moisture in the atmosphere. ... And they are going down to near or record values of low moisture,” said Kriederman. "...

Discover Sprouted Nuts and Give Your Pancreas a Break


When the soaking time is up, they are removed from the solution and slowly dried at a very low temperature with low humidity. "...

Rolling blackouts and power shutoffs loom in California as heat wave and extreme weather conditions persist


The PG&E enforces a public safety power shutoff for a variety of reasons, including a red flag warning, low humidity, dry fuel conditions and strong wind forecasts. "...

Mysterious beams: Directed energy weapons (DEWs) linked to wildfires in California and Oregon


Most of California remains under Red Flag Warning because strong winds and low humidity continue, fanning the ongoing flames. ... DEWs are used because of the following capabilities: - DEWs have a low cost per use and low maintenance. - Using DEWs minimizes collateral damage. - DEWs are precise weapons. - DEWs have an almost unlimited magazine capacity. - DEWs are easy to track, aim and shoot because of sophisticated sensors. - DEWs can be recalibrated to be less ...