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The feds get something right: Heavy metal mining operation denied renewal permit over contamination concerns


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Environmentalists want Feds to go BACK and impound Cliven Bundy’s cattle AGAIN after agents abused him and his family in 2014


“We urge Interior not to leave this business unfinished. Time is of the essence,” says a letter from environmental groups to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. BLM falls under Interior’s jurisdiction. “Interior must round up these cattle to ensure that a pattern of lawlessness backed up by violence does not perpetuate itself across the public lands of the Western U.S.” "...

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Dept. of Justice has proven that U.S. drug companies, for example, routinely engage in conspiracies against the... ... A new inspector general report has found that the United States Park Police has lost track of a huge cache of weapons including handguns, rifles and even machine guns, in what the Department of the Interior's watchdog... "...

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Oakland School District calls emergency meeting over mandatory vaccinations, considers asking Dept. of Education for exemption waivers 9/10/2015 3:48:10 PM - An emergency school board meeting was called by a member of the Oakland Unified School District on Tuesday to discuss whether or not they will comply with California's recently passed SB 277 mandatory vaccination law, which eliminates personal and religious belief exemptions for students in public and... ... Grammar: the interior ...

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The emails reveal unprecedented criminal collusion between the State Dept., the Clinton... ... As reported by Indian Country Today, the Bureau of Land Management, which falls under the Department of the Interior (as does the Bureau of Indian Affairs),... "...