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Woman ends up in emergency room after severe reaction to hair dye


Woman ends up in emergency room after severe reaction to hair dye Wednesday, June 07, 2017 by: Bridgette Wilcox Hair dye , Toxic - (Natural News ) No one thinks an afternoon at the salon will land them in the emergency room, but that is exactly what happened to one woman, who wound up in the hospital after a severe reaction to hair dye. ... It’s an acquired allergy for people that dye their hair for years,” the actress tweeted....

Purple hair dye nearly KILLS family dog... what's it doing to YOUR health?


badcancer , badhealth , badmedicine , chemicals , dogs , Hair dye , pet hair color , pet health , pet safety , Pets , PPDs , toxins - (Natural News ) A white Maltese mix dog nearly died after someone decided to color her hair purple with dye meant for humans. ... Hair dye dangerous for pets and people alike If human hair dye can cause such serious damage to animals, what is it doing to your health? "...

For dark hair - Try natural dyes, rinses and treatments


Dark hair ranges in color from light brown to lustrous black. ... Wash hair, using a good quality, natural shampoo. Henna dye for dark hair Henna can be used to dye hair a color that is equal to or darker than the hair's natural color. "...

Is Hair Colour Worth Dying For?


In fact we should be demanding to know just how safe, or unsafe, hair dye really is. Historically hair dye was made from natural ingredients, usually vegetable. Modern hair dyes are made mostly of chemicals. "...

Try natural hair coloring alternatives


It is a tall shrub, and when it is dried, it can be ground into a fine powder and used to dye the skin and hair. ... If the idea of trying to make your own natural hair dye scares you, there are actually some pre-assembled natural hair dye kits available as well. "...

The Dangers in Hair Coloring and Safer Alternatives


Though the industry submitted 115 files on hair dye substances for evaluation by the scientific committee, such safety files for the 22 banned hair dye ingredients were not submitted. ... The most problematic hair dye ingredient is a family of chemicals called Arylamines. "...

The Dangers in Hair Coloring and Safer Alternatives


Though the industry submitted 115 files on hair dye substances for evaluation by the scientific committee, such safety files for the 22 banned hair dye ingredients were not submitted. ... The most problematic hair dye ingredient is a family of chemicals called Arylamines. "...

New, safer hair dyes to be made from graphene


In the study, researchers at Northwestern Universityused sheets of graphene to make a dye that coats the surface of hair, instead of a dye that penetrates the hair. ... Aside from being a safer “permanent” hair dye, graphene also makes the hair less static. "...

Suffering From Hair Colouring - A Chemical Overdose


This is in line with reports of an increase in hair dye allergies. A survey in London found that contact dermatitis due to a hair dye allergy rose by 7.1 percent over a six-year period after a patch test (2). ... Hair dye, particularly permanent hair dye, contains harsher chemicals than other dye types. "...

Hair colorants and the cancer connection - Protect yourself with these natural alternatives


As a culture obsessed with youth and beauty, it's easy to fall into the trap of using hair dyes to cover those telltale gray hairs. ... The use of hair dye is responsible for a 90 percent increase of multiple myeloma in men. "...

Research confirms a link between chemical hair colors and cancer


Nowadays, hair dye uses synthetic ingredients to change the appearance of your hair. ... (Related: Purple hair dye nearly KILLS family dog… what’s it doing to YOUR health? "...

Chemicals in popular women's hair dyes cause cancer


Regulating the industry; however, is likely to prove problematic, if not impossible: British officials estimate the sale of home hair dye kits alone amounts to some ?... A spokesman for Green Chemicals, which is set to launch its own "ultra-safe" brands of hair dye, said that despite a number of studies on the subject, the dangers posed by hair dye chemicals reacting with airborne elements has either been missed or ignored, until now. "...

Severe Allergic Reactions to Hair Dyes are on the Rise


Though death due to an allergic reaction to hair dye is relatively rare, death from cancer is less rare. ... These "progressive" hair dye products work by acting like melanin in the keratinocytes. "...

Researchers: Hair dyes have a direct connection to breast cancer


Earlier research similarly found that women who regularly dye their hair are at increased risk of other cancers, including brain cancer, bladder cancer and leukemia. British scientists have also issued warnings in the past about the dangers of both home hair dye kits and professional dyes applied at hair salons. "...

Restore hair and promote hair growth naturally with Chinese herbs


Many people have tried conventional hair restoration methods such as laser treatments, harsh chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs or even surgery. ... A black dye obtained from the plant is used for dyeing hair and tattooing. Salvia Miltiorrhiza or red sage: Used in hair tonics as it is said to improve blood circulation. "...

For blonde hair - Try natural dyes, rinses and treatments


Try natural treatments to dye or enhance the color of blonde hair. ... Chamomile flowers have been used for generations to lighten hair. Natural Hair Dye for Blondes Try this recipe to lighten blonde hair. "...

Beware the dangers of natural hair dyes that contain PPD


The leaves of the henna plant have a reddish-orange dye molecule and will stain the hair red-orange, shades of which depend on the natural color of the hair. ... Certain teas and coffee, if they are concentrated enough, can also dye the hair and cover gray. "...

Natural, non-toxic hair dyes now being made from blackcurrant skins


A team of researchers at the University of Leedsdeveloped a hair dye using the skins of blackcurrant . ... These pigments were used in a dye paste and then applied to bleached human hair. "...

Not all hair dyes are created equal: Discover the natural solution to coloring without the carcinogens


More than one-third of women and one in ten men regularly color their hair. ... He said that despite numerous studies on the subject, the danger posed by the chemicals in hair dye reacting with the air has been missed or ignored until now. "...

Danger of chemical hair dyes: Girl's face swells up like balloon following application


The UK's Daily Mail reports that the young bartender recently tried to apply Garnier Nutrisse "caramel golden light brown" hair dye to her hair in order to match the hair color of her favorite media icon Cheryl Cole, from the popular television show X Factor. ... The same Daily Mail report highlights injuries sustained by 24-year-old Zoe Vernon after she tried to use a chemical hair dye kit at home. "...