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Eugenics in education: Healthy boy banned from public school due to genetic makeup


Eugenics in education: Healthy boy banned from public school due to genetic makeup Monday, October 22, 2012 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... Instead, her son got discriminated against because of his genetic makeup. This is, by definition, medical racism. "...

Makeup news, articles and information:


Makeup news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Study: Toxic chemicals in makeup, plastics and other everyday products are harming unborn babies, damaging the brain and reducing IQs 7/21/2016 - Most consumers generally assume that products available on the market are proven to be safe. ... Blood: - Blaming dietary sodium for high blood pressure is too simplistic; the real problem may be mineral deficiencies Foods: - Whole Foods caught in GMO marketing deception, false advertising ...

Natural makeup news, articles and information:


Natural makeup news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Subscribe to the Health Ranger's FREE email newsletter Follow @HealthRanger Concepts related to Natural makeup natural makeup on NaturalPedia™ Today's Top Stories on NaturalNews Today | Week | Month | Year - FOUR TIMES more vaxxed people are dying than unvaxxed… depopulation effects are kicking in and the bodies are piling up - NaturalNews.com - TICK TOCK, DOC: Vaccine-pushing doctors “dropping like flies” after ...

Genetic testing company mixes up results, customers confused about their origins


The mix-up led the FDA to speed up its push for regulation of personal genetic testing. ... "Your website states that the [product] provides personalized information on which medications are more likely to work best for you given your genetic makeup," the agency wrote in its letter to Navigenics. "...

Blessing - and breaking - the very makeup of food


Blessing - and breaking - the very makeup of food Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by: Michael A. ... Yet it is severed and disconnected by genetic engineering and chemical processing of food. "...

Study: Toxic chemicals in makeup, plastics and other everyday products are harming unborn babies, damaging the brain and reducing IQs


These rising neurological defects are very complex disorders caused by genetic, social, and environmental factors. While we cannot change our genetic makeup, the toxic effect chemicals have on our health can, and should, be prevented. "...

MDs all say 'everything is genetic,' but that does NOT necessarily mean it's inherited


Genetics is the study of genes and genetic variation in living organisms . ... What you inherit is genetic, but not everything that has to do with your genetic makeup right now is a result of what you inherited. "...

Genetically modified babies? - New science lets parents select child's genetic sequence, rearrange DNA


New science is emerging and converging which allows parents to pre-fabricate the genetic sequence of their children. New generation gene sequencing, coupled with in-vitro fertilization will allow parents to choose the genetic makeup of their child. "...

U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences


(Related: First GMO ever produced by genetic engineering poisoned thousands of Americans .) ... Defense One explained the research in more detail: You take an abundant sea organism, like Marinobacter, and change its genetic makeup to react to certain substances left by enemy vessels, divers, or equipment. "...

Breast Cancer Gene-Free Baby Is Dangerous Sign of New Era of Eugenics, Genetic Class Wars


The next class war could very well be based on genetics, and parents will fret over the genetic makeup of their children, choosing to abort babies that don't have the "right" genes, even if those babies are perfectly healthy. ... The key issues are: At what point is the genetic screening of a baby going too far? "...

Certain genes provide immunity to Ebola - could virus have been engineered to target people with specific genes?


New research shows that your genetic makeup could serve as a natural barrier to the deadly Ebola virus. ... In order for that to occur, researchers have to infect animals with similar DNA and genetic makeup in order to see how they react. "...

New study concludes that caution is needed when prescribing antibiotics to hypertensive patients


This composition, which plays a role in a person’s overall health, is unique to each person – much like his or her genetic makeup. ... “The host [genetic makeup] plays an important role in how blood pressure will be affected differentially by antibiotic treatment. "...

New field of nutrigenomics reveals how what you eat now can prevent future disease


By tailoring strategies to prevent diseases before they can happen - diseases that might otherwise be in a person's future because of his or her genetic makeup. ... "I speculate that in five to 10 years, you would go to a genetic counselor or a physician who could help you understand your genetic makeup, and then a nutritional professional could customize your diet accordingly." "...

Transgenderism not rooted in real science: 6,500 genes are expressed differently in men vs. women regardless of how someone FEELS about their gender


Researchers have long known that genetic makeup is responsible for why men and women differ in very obvious and very subtle ways, like being affected more or less frequently by certain diseases or having much different drug interactions. ... The project marked the first time differences in male and female genetic performance and makeup. "...

Science bombshell as new research confirms non-genetic inheritance factors are carried through multiple generations


Science bombshell as new research confirms non-genetic inheritance factors are carried through multiple generations Monday, August 07, 2017 by: Cassie B. ... Smoking, for example, can change lung cells’ epigenetic makeup and eventually spur cancer. "...

What’s the best and healthiest way to brew coffee? Experts weigh in


There are tests that can help you determine your genetic makeup. Alternatively, you can consume coffee based on how it makes you feel. ... Caffeine isn’t inherently good or bad, but how it affects your body is linked to your genetic makeup. "...

Murdoch's media malpractice and the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines


Murdoch's media malpractice and the genetic altering of human beings through DNA vaccines Wednesday, July 20, 2011 by: Ethan A. ... Third-generation DNA vaccines like MMR contain genetically-engineered (GE) materials that are injected directly into the body, sort of like how genetically-modified (GM) crop seeds have been injected with altered DNA that changes their genetic makeup - and these GE traits can permanently alter proper human development. "...

Woman files class action lawsuit against Frito-Lay for marketing genetically-modified snacks as 'all natural'


"Monsanto Company defines GMO on its website as food with a genetic makeup altered to exhibit traits that are not naturally theirs." "...

Cigarette tobacco leaves are genetically engineered to produce pesticides


Monsanto's scientists "bio-engineer" specific toxic chemicals with nature's seedlings so that the plants actually grow out from the ground with pesticide as part of their genetic makeup. "...

Mass media continues to distort health sciences with misleading headlines like 'happiness is controlled by your genes'


In fact, one of the most powerful ways to boost serotonin in the brain is to expose your skin to natural sunlight, and it works no matter what your genetic makeup. Too often, lazy journalists write sensational headlines about research into the genetic influences on human healh without considering the fact that such headlines actually cause many readers to believe their own state of health is predetermined. "...