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Adding probiotics to your fruit salad is a delicious way to enjoy a nutrient-dense meal


These factors were used by researchers to determine the viability of fruit salads. ... “The fruit salads were well accepted by consumers, indicating that they are a marketable product,” the team concluded. "...

Using artificial sweeteners for weight loss can increase diabetes risk, warn researchers


Snack on fruit and fruit salads Fruits are high in sugar, but they also contain many nutrients like vitamins and fiber. According to the American Diabetes Association, you can eat fruit or fruit salads as a way to satisfy cravings for sweets. "...

Salads, Dressing, Spices and Desserts in a Raw Food Lifestyle


In this excerpt, Nomi Shannon shares on salads, dressings, spices and desserts in a raw lifestyle. ... And then the filling, just endless the variety of things you can make, some kind of fruit. "...

8 Science-backed health benefits of eating kiwi


Another study published in the same journal indicated that the kiwi fruit is one of the premier dietary sources of vitamin C, and one serving (3.5 ounces or 100 grams) delivers the . ... Kiwis are delicious when eaten raw, peeled or unpeeled, and pair well with other fruits in fruit salads or smoothies. "...

Follow these five simple tips to enjoy holiday summer food while protecting your health at the same time


You'll probably need it, too, because of all those cancer-causing hot dogs you're about to snarf in a hot dog eating contest... 5) FRUIT SALADS can really be quite healthy, but avoid fruit salads made with marshmallows. ... Stick to fresh fruit, and if you have a choice, go for fruit salads containing blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, as those fruits tend to have far higher nutritional density than apples, pears and pineapples....

Want to stay fit and keep the pounds off? Follow these 12 tips to prevent weight gain


Serve light summer salads When made with fresh ingredients, salads are the perfect low-calorie food choice. ... Make fresh fruit salads Fruit salads can be bad for you if they’re made with canned fruit with syrup, marshmallows, and whipped cream. "...

Enjoy the health benefits of Dragon Fruit


Because of the multiple scales on the outside of it, dragon fruit was originally known as pitaya. ... This versatile fruit can be served whole, in salads, on homemade pizza and as a beverage if squeezed. "...

Benefits of consuming whole, fresh lemons


Those who are fond of salads can replace the usual salad dressing with freshly squeezed lemon juice. ... Chopped lemon pieces can also be added to fruit salads. The juice of this fruit can also be added to a marinade recipe to make a dish all the more tasty and healthy. "...

Cherries Found to Be a Natural Sleep Aid


Add dried cherries to tossed salads, fruit salads and chicken salads. 4. Make cherry muffins instead of blueberry muffins. 5. ... Research confirms this well-known fruit tackles cancer, insomnia, high blood pressure and gout Five ways cherries make lives happier Health benefits of cherries include reduced gout flare-ups Miracle food? "...

Eleven amazing superfoods to pump up your health


Having a bag of blueberries as a refrigerator staple provides a steady supply of this fruit for use in different foods, including yogurt, fruit salads and porridges. ... The fruit can also correct platelet hyperactivity and lower triglyceride levels. "...

Snack Your Way to Good Health and Weight Loss with Organic Dried Fruit


Snack Your Way to Good Health and Weight Loss with Organic Dried Fruit Thursday, January 29, 2009 by: Barbara L. ... Eating nutrient dense fruit helps with weight loss The amazing health benefits of fruit are well known. "...

9 Health benefits that make dragon fruit a unique and vibrant superfood


Dragon fruit facts Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that comes from the Hylocereus cactus or the “Honolulu Queen.” ... Add the fruit to chia puddings, juices, salads, smoothies, or smoothie bowls. When buying dragon fruit, choose one with evenly red skin. "...

Manage ADHD naturally - 5 things you can do to help your child be healthy and focused


Diet The healthiest possible diet consists of 80% raw, fresh, organic produce – more vegetables than fruit. This means salads, chopped up veggies to snack on, carrot slaw, coleslaw, kale salad, spinach salad, apple salad, fruit salads, smoothies and more. "...

Apricots, cherries, plums and more: 6 Nutrient-rich stone fruits you need to add to your diet


In fact, peaches are known as the “fruit of calmness” in Hungary. Some nutrients you can find in peaches include copper, manganese, niacin, fiber, potassium and vitamins E and K. ... Top your favorite fruit salads, smoothies or cereal with any of these delicious stone fruits for a sweet dose of nutritional goodness. "...

This small fruit can protect you from diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer


But this small fruit has been known to protect against the big guns of health conditions: diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. ... Add goldenberries to your favorite recipes that call for fruits (fresh or dried) like salads, jam, yogurt or granola, to name a few. "...

Burger King stops advertising soda for kids, recommends fruit juice, milk instead


Lately, it seems that fast food restaurants are jumping on the "get healthy" bandwagon, doing everything from displaying the calorie content of their meals to hyping up the fact that they now serve salads. ... Burger King tests bacon ice cream sundae while Pizza Hut serves up hot dog stuffed pizza crust Burger King (Japan) offers Windows 7 Whopper with 7 beef patties for $7.77 (satire) As Burger King proudly presents their 'angriest' red-dyed burger, consumers should consider the health ...

Eating cherries can help prevent gout


Research confirms this well-known fruit tackles cancer, insomnia, high blood pressure and gout .) ... You can then drink this as a smoothie or add the mixture to a compatible beverage. - Cherries in fruit salads. "...

Food prepping basics: 5 Easiest foods to can


As the season goes on, you’ll find yourself using these strawberries in various dishes like smoothies and fruit salads. "...

A natural compound in Japanese honeysuckle may help with gastrointestinal problems


They can also be added to fruit salads and blended into drinks. Its buds and leaves are made into herbal teas. "...

The "magical fruit" for diabetics: Eat more beans to control your blood sugar levels


Search Follow The “magical fruit” for diabetics: Eat more beans to control your blood sugar levels Tuesday, October 01, 2019 by: , This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/377114.html - ( ) Beans may not grow into a massive beanstalk that reaches the land of the giants up in the sky, but they are as they help keep blood sugar levels in check. ... Beans go well ...