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Texas mayoral candidate arrested, charged with 109 election fraud felonies in alleged absentee ballot scheme


Texas mayoral candidate arrested, charged with 109 election fraud felonies in alleged absentee ballot scheme Saturday, October 10, 2020 by: News Editors 2020 elections , Criminal , election fraud , elections , government , politics , rigged , zul mirza Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/465103.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A candidate for mayor of a Dallas suburb has been arrested and charged with 109 felonies pertaining to election an ballot ...

Meet the journalist facing 45 years in jail for filming the tar sands pipeline protest in North Dakota


Then she was charged with a Class A felony and two Class C felonies—which combined carry a 45-year maximum sentence. ... DEIA SCHLOSBERG: —that I was just, you know, exercising my First Amendment— AMY GOODMAN: What were the felonies? "...

George Soros-funded prosecutor charges St. Louis couple with felonies for arming up and defending their home against a threatening BLM mob


Louis couple with felonies for arming up and defending their home against a threatening BLM mob Tuesday, July 21, 2020 by: JD Heyes ar-15 , charges , felony , felony charges , firearms , George Soros , hypocrisy , Kim Gardner , Lunacy , Mark McCloskey , Mike Parsons , Missouri , pardon , Patricia McCloskey , riots , Second Amendment , Second Amendment guns , self-defense , stand your ground , violence - (Natural News ) If you haven’t figured out that Marxists have completely taken over ...

Biden's Texas political director, other Democrats accused in illegal ballot harvesting scheme


His alleged co-conspirators are Charles Burns, facing eight felonies, DeWayne Ward, facing six felonies, and Marlena Jackson, facing 97 felonies. "...

Victoria Bloch from 'The Rawesome Three' opens up about her unlawful arrest over raw milk


And like both Palmer and Stewart, Bloch ended up getting charged with a bounty of ridiculous offenses, all of which were vindictively categorized as felonies by the district attorney's office. ... "By this means, simple civil misdemeanors became felonies, landing our case in criminal court - on a par, legally speaking, with murders, drug deals, assaults, and other serious offenses." "...

Have you donated to Black Lives Matter? - If so, you could be funding a criminal sex trafficking operation


Wade was charged on seven counts and faces up to twenty-five years in prison for felonies that include human trafficking. ... Now the money is going toward Wade’s bond, as he faces human trafficking felonies. "...

George Soros funding corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner who's trying to destroy self-defense rights in Missouri


Corrupt Kim Gardner charged the McCloskeys with felonies, threatening them with prison time for unlawful use of a weapon. ... Wealthy financiers like George Soros (who seek to destabilize the United States) have the power to fund a prosecution and push felonies on innocent Americans who bravely defended themselves from mob violence. "...

Probe finds that sanctuary county in central Washington state has released hundreds of illegal aliens facing felony charges


According to records obtained by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), a central Washington county habitually releases illegal aliens who have been charged with felonies including sexual assault, kidnapping, and homicide, Breitbart News reported. The two-year study by IRLI found that the illegal immigrant sanctuary of King County, which includes the city of Seattle, “failed to honor more than 370 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency detainers that were placed on arrested ...

Government finally drops felony charges against 16-year-old for conducting science experiment that produced a 'popping' sound


This dysfunctional condition manifested itself recently in the case of Florida high school student Kiera Wilmot, 16, who had been charged by Florida authorities with dual felonies because her lab experiment made a loud noise. ... They arrested Wilmot and charged her with two felonies." There was obviously no criminal intent here, but "zero-tolerance" stupidity once again overrode the better judgment of educated individuals whom you would think had the brain power to decide what ...

NC bill threatens to criminalize naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, midwives, aromatherapists as felons


Class I felonies in NC are the least severe kinds of felonies, but they do include things like burning crosses on private or public property, and sexually exploiting children. "...

Black Democrat defends abortion AND MURDER: "Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later"


Mostly conservative Alabama state House “overwhelmingly” supports banning abortion – but not Democrats, of course The Human Life Protection Act, or HB 314, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, would make most abortions Class A felonies, and most attempted abortions Class C felonies. "...

More trouble for Jussie Smollett? Whoever mailed the racist, homophobic “hate letter” to his TV network broke federal law and is in BIG trouble


Whoever mailed the racist, homophobic “hate letter” to his TV network broke federal law and is in BIG trouble Tuesday, February 19, 2019 by: JD Heyes cellphone , Chicago , Chicago PD , FBI , felonies , hate crime , hoax , insanity , Jussie Smollett , left cult , lunatics , Magazine , mailing , Nigerian brothers , obstruction , terrorist hoax , threat letter , U.S. ... Felonies were committed But as Smollett was reporting the attack to Chicago PD, “a multi-agency federal investigation ...

Taxpayer-funded National Public Radio just proved it is now part of the deep state’s ongoing coup attempt against President Trump


“Indeed, we have many known felonies committed by Obama regime officials who orchestrated the Steele Dossier and Russiagate,” he continues. “We have overpowering evidence that the Obama FBI covered up Hillary Clinton’s felonies.We have overpowering evidence that Obama CIA director John Brennan orchestrated, or set in motion with his false allegations, Russiagate.” "...

Where are the indictments of those implicated in the coup attempt against Trump?


Sunday, October 06, 2019 by: News Editors America , CIA , conspiracy , coup attempt , criminals , deep state , democrats , election , hoax , impeachment , president , President Trump , Russiagate , treason , Trump , Ukraine - (Natural News ) In the 1970s Irving Kristol declared Republicans to be the “stupid party.”How correct he has proven to be.Russiagate and now this latest coup attempt to overthrow the elected president of the United States are acts of sedition.There is no evidence whatsoever ...

Autistic kid arrested after cop pretended to befriend him, then pressured him to buy pot


Armed with bulletproof vests, police soon raided Jesse's home, charging him with two felonies and then locked him up in a juvenile detention center with other students involved in the sting. ... Teenagers become felons for life All of the students arrested in operation "Glasshouse," were charged with felonies, some for selling as little as a pill because of California's zero tolerance policy on drugs in schools . "...

The deep state is real and it’s moving against Trump, says former CIA officer who is exposing the attempted coup


Hunter intimated that much of the scandal today is tied in, somehow, to the Clinton Foundation — a point with which Shipp tended to agree and in which he said the FBI investigated but somehow failed to file charges, despite obvious evidence of “multiple felonies.” “And ironically the three people that covered up the Clinton Foundation’s felonies were, guess who? "...

Louisiana Parish offers to scrub CRIMINAL records clean as a COVID-19 vaccine incentive


For felonies, 10 years since completion of a sentence was required. A case was wiped clean immediately if it did not result in a conviction. "...

MUST READ: How the FBI and DOJ criminalize honest citizens while allowing the criminals in Washington to get away with treason


Read the book Three Felonies a Day to learn the startling truth that the average American unknowingly commits three felony crimes each day (thanks to all the insane laws on the books). ... Remember, selective prosecution can target ANYONE and indict them for unknowingly committing three felonies a day. "...

Both Citigroup and JPMorgan have now received huge fines for crimes the regulators won’t reveal


Both Citigroup and JPMorgan have now received huge fines for crimes the regulators won’t reveal Wednesday, December 02, 2020 by: News Editors banks , Citigroup , corruption , crime , deep state , Federal Reserve , felonies , finance , hidden , JPMorgan , OCC , risk , rule of law , Wall Street Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/479351.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Maybe it’s because Wall Street On Parade has been shining a bright light on the serial ...

Police state gone wild: Couple facing 60 days in jail for rescuing injured baby deer


Nearly every person alive today commits three felonies a day without even knowing it. ... In Three Felonies a Day, Harvey A. Silverglate reveals how federal criminal laws have become dangerously disconnected from the English common law tradition and how prosecutors can pin arguable federal crimes on any one of us, for even the most seemingly innocuous behavior. "...