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Researchers discover 45 potentially habitable exoplanets


The team found 17 exoplanets in one catalog that met their habitability criteria and another 28 exoplanets on the wider exoplanet list. ... For instance, scientists working on NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite mission can use the model to look for the most promising exoplanets. 24 “Superhabitable” exoplanets discovered In another study, published in the journal Astrobiology, American and German researchers identified 24 exoplanets that may be ...

NASA: At least 300 million exoplanets in the Milky Way may be habitable


Looking for habitable exoplanets in the Milky Way The study’s findings were based on data gathered by the Kepler space telescope. ... At least four of these exoplanets may be within 30 light-years of the sun, with the closest one located no more than 20 light-years away. "...

Scientists identify 24 exoplanets that may be more habitable than Earth


Exoplanets, celestial bodies that orbit a star other than the sun, are found everywhere in the cosmos. ... These exoplanets should orbit a K-dwarf star, which is cooler, less massive and less luminous than the sun and other G-type stars. "...

New computer models suggest life on the nearest exoplanets may already be thriving


(Related: Do the rules of environmental protection extend to exoplanets beyond our solar system? ... There may be hope that “inhospitable” exoplanets may host alien life The Cornell experiment ran computer models of the UV radiation environment on the surface of the exoplanets. "...

Do the rules of environmental protection extend to exoplanets beyond our solar system?


Goethe University researcher Claudius Gros analyzed the issue of environmental protection for exoplanets . ... By the time humans reached oxygen-rich exoplanets, the worlds might still be devoid of life. "...

Space-time ripples could help scientists uncover exoplanets from other galaxies


In turn, these technologies have the potential to spot pairs of white dwarfs and the exoplanets orbiting them. ... Future research could look into the exoplanets that formed before and after the stars became white dwarfs. "...

Experts: More than 100 giant exoplanets may have potentially life-hosting moons


During its nine years of operation, Kepler found seven out of every 10 known exoplanets. ... None of these exoplanets have been proven to have a retinue of natural satellites. "...

Cradles of life? New research says oceans on exoplanets may harbor more life than Earth


Olson added that scientists searching for life could prioritize exoplanets that harbor these differences. Experts typically favor studying exoplanets with as many Earth-like features as possible. "...

New model suggests several planets in the universe might have water-rich atmospheres


Exoplanets are planets outside of the Solar System. They usually orbit stars other than the Sun. ... The explosions blow away the hydrogen, turning the sub-Neptunes into hot, rocky exoplanets. "...

NASA’s alien-hunting probe discovers 100 new planets orbiting stars outside our solar system


Currently on its ninth year of operation, Kepler has identified thousands of potential exoplanets. ... Perhaps one of the new exoplanets will fulfill the dream of astronomers. Google AI helps find planets Kepler’s hunt for exoplanets is aided by Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) system. "...

Other planets may be home to more diverse life forms than Earth, suggest scientists


Put simply, life on Earth’s oceans and possibly on oceans in other exoplanets depend on this phenomenon to sustain biodiversity. ... Furthermore, as their models suggest, oceans in other exoplanets could be more abundant in biological activities than those on Earth. "...

Scientists discover over 1,000 stars where E.T. can observe Earth


Five percent of the stars are likely too young for intelligent life to have evolved in any exoplanets that orbit them. ... According to co-author Joshua Pepper of Lehigh’s Physics Department, it’s rare for exoplanets to be in a direct line of sight to Earth. "...

Earth-like planets not as rare as once thought: Astronomers estimate there are 2,000 nearby stars that house them


Stassun said that it may only take a few years before they eventually come across signs of Earth-like exoplanets in other star systems. ... Those orbital periods place the exoplanets within the habitable zone of the star . "...

Breakthrough Listen Project and NASA collaborate on the search for advanced alien civilizations


The collaboration will expand the Breakthrough Listen’s target list, adding over 1,000 exoplanets detected via TESS in the last two years . ... NASA funds SETI study In June 2020, NASA awarded a grant to a SETI study that will scan exoplanets for technosignatures. "...

Astronomers say “technosignatures” can be used to find advanced alien civilizations


He said that one area of enormous potential is to look for myriad night lights on the surface of distant exoplanets. ... If it gets built, LUVOIR’s 26- to 52-foot mirror would allow scientists to scan exoplanets and measure gases in their atmosphere. "...

Researchers spot 2 new Earth-like planets orbiting a tiny star located about 12.5 light-years from our Solar System


Their observations suggested that, due to the diminished heat produced by Teegarden’s Star, the two Earth-like exoplanets have a smaller orbit. ... The research team isn’t even sure if the two exoplanets are the only planets orbiting the dwarf star. "...

The hottest known exoplanet found to have skies made out of iron and titanium


Read more about the many exoplanets orbiting faraway stars at Cosmic.news . Sources include: ScientificAmerican.com UniBe.ch Previous :Do you sleep with your contact lenses on? ... Researchers say it’s a possibility NASA: At least 300 million exoplanets in the Milky Way may be habitable Researchers discover 45 potentially habitable exoplanets Astronomers say “technosignatures” can be used to find advanced alien civilizations Scientists discover over 1,000 stars where E....

This distant planet lost its atmosphere, so its volcanoes made it a new one


Exoplanet formed a new atmosphere Exoplanets – planets outside the Solar System – like GJ 1132 b were once enveloped in a hydrogen atmosphere that disappeared over time. ... Exoplanets usually orbit stars. When those stars explode, the blast may blow away hydrogen in the atmosphere. "...

European governments launch project to confirm presence of alien life


Other projects that were instrumental in exoplanet search PLATO was only the most recent space initiative slated to search for exoplanets . ... Thirty of these exoplanets were less than twice the size of Earth and were located within the habitable zone. "...

New, exotic class of planets outside our solar system made out of GEMS


But the exoplanets recently identified by British and Swiss researchers are special because they contain large amounts of ruby and sapphire . ... These exoplanets orbit their parent stars so closely that their atmospheres would have been completely burned away. "...