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End-to-end encryption debate draws attention to child sex abuse


End-to-end encryption debate draws attention to child sex abuse Friday, October 16, 2020 by: Cassie B. ... The seven governments have asked for encryption backdoors to be placed in encrypted instant messaging applications and device encryption. "...

CIA used second Swiss encryption firm to spy on governments - report


CIA used second Swiss encryption firm to spy on governments – report Thursday, December 10, 2020 by: Franz Walker CIA , data theft , deepstate , encryption , espionage , NSA , spy , spying , surveillance , switzerland Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/480226.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Politicians in Switzerland have voiced outrage and demanded an investigation after it was revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and its German ...

NSA pays tech companies millions to engineer backdoors into encryption protocols


There is a saying that says, when it comes to government, they've got you coming and going. "...

EXCLUSIVE: Why Google's "quantum supremacy" means the end of encryption security for cryptocurrency, military, finance and personal communications


If you are encrypting files right now using a 256-bit encryption algorithm, and then you decide to switch to 512-bit encryption, in a classical computing model, you have just increased the difficulty of breaking the encryption by 2^256, which is a very large number. But with quantum computing applied to the problem, the difficulty of the original 256-bit encryption is merely doubled when it shifts to 512-bit encryption. "...

EXCLUSIVE: The NSA is archiving all encrypted emails and transactions, knowing they will be able to decrypt most digital files in about 3 years, thanks to quantum computing


But the emergence of quantum computing sooner or later renders classical encryption obsolete. ... It won’t be long before encryption breaking becomes ubiquitous, and all the old secrets protected by 256-bit encryption will be exposed to the surveillance state. "...

Flaw in Wi-Fi routers leaves over ONE BILLION devices open to hacking


With this encryption key, anyone intercepting these packets will not be able to read their contents. ... It doesn’t matter how strong the encryption is, all a hacker needs to do is enter a string of zeroes as the encryption key and they’ll be able to access the data. "...

IT'S HERE: D-Wave announces 2048-qubit quantum computing system, theoretically capable of breaking all classical encryption, including military-grade


As the number of qubits (quantum bits) in quantum computers exceeds the number of bits used in classical encryption, it renders that encryption practically pointless. ... The system is called the “D-Wave 2000Q” platform , and it features 2048 qubits, effectively allowing it to break military-grade encryption that uses 2048 or fewer encryption bits. "...

BREAKING: NO MORE SECRETS - Google achieves "quantum supremacy" that will soon render all cryptocurrency breakable, all military secrets revealed


- BREAKING: NO MORE SECRETS – Google achieves “quantum supremacy” that will soon render all cryptocurrency breakable, all military secrets revealed Saturday, September 21, 2019 by: Mike Adams bitcoin , cryptocurrency , cryptography , encryption , Google , military encryption , quantum computing , quantum supremacy , qubits , secrets - (Natural News ) Preliminary report. ... Quantum computing, it could be said, solves the factoring problem in 2^n dimensions, where n is the number ...

China leaps ahead of USA on quantum computing research; could spell end to encryption, demolishing crypto currencies and national security


As to how quantum computing might affect current encryption technologies, including those used to power cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin , experts warn that these could eventually become obsolete. At the same time, this type of quantum computing technology has the potential to allow for the breaking of “obsolete” forms of encryption “within seconds.” "...

NaturalNews exclusive: US government developing ultimate cyber weapon; Prime-factoring quantum computing makes encryption obsolete


When you buy something on the internet, for example, your credit card number is sent to the merchant using something called "SSL encryption" which typically uses a 40-bit, 128-bit or sometimes even a 256-bit encryption algorithm. ... This is why the U.S. military uses such encryption. It's virtually unbreakable given today's computers. "...

Synthetic diamond material makes code-breaking quantum computing one step closer to reality


What would it be like to live in a world where there could be no secrets? Where nothing - not even the strongest military-grade encryption programs - would be able to protect private, personal information? "...

Digital prepping: How to keep your personal data safe


Encryption software can help keep your browser secure and prevent hackers from easily getting hold of your information. Once you have the encryption software installed, check the “lock” icon on the status bar of your internet browser. "...

Quantum physics puzzle SOLVED: Researchers say that totally secure data transfer now possible


Quantum physics puzzle SOLVED: Researchers say that totally secure data transfer now possible Wednesday, October 03, 2018 by: Edsel Cook encryption , fiber optics , hackers , hacking , nanocrystals , photons , quantum computing , quantum physics , semiconductors - (Natural News ) A long-standing challenge in quantum physics has been overcome by British researchers. ... A hacker that is able to intercept the data bits with part of the code might be able to bypass the encryption ...

Every WiFi router can now be hacked with "Krack" attack ... No passwords are safe


Once the key is installed, it will be used to encrypt normal data frames using an encryption protocol. ... Each time it receives this message, it will reinstall the same encryption key, and thereby reset the incremental transmit packet number (nonce) and receive replay counter used by the encryption protocol. "...

Facebook is harmful to young social media users: NSPCC accuses tech giant of downplaying harmful and abusive content, lack of transparency, cherry-picking report data


Meanwhile, the British government is reportedly mulling issuing an injunction against Facebook to stop them from rolling out end-to-end encryption on services like Messenger and Instagram . This encryption means that no one can see the content of sent messages, not even the platform’s owners, which can make it impossible to track down those who are exploiting and abusing children. "...

How to shield all your electronic communications from the NSA


In the wake of recent revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government snoops are monitoring the electronic communications of U.S. citizens, millions of us wanted to know what, if anything, we could do to protect our email, cell phone conversations, chat sessions from Big Brother in the future. ... "Like using PGP encryption, both Pidgin and Adium can take a little bit of work to set up - but there are tutorials to help ease the pain, like this (www.encrypteverything....

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency


Note, importantly, that this is a 1024-bit encryption system. The same technique is also said to be able to crack 2048-bit encryption. In fact, encryption layers are cracked on a daily basis by clever hackers. Some of those encryption layers are powering various cryptocurrencies right now. "...

Apple and Google promise to shut down their coronavirus trackers when the pandemic ends... but does anyone believe them?


Under the old encryption protocol, encryption experts worried that attackers would be able to link those keys with a specific user. ... Metadata associated with the system’s Bluetooth transmissions are also given specific protections under the new encryption specification. "...

All private phone calls, text messages exposed by fatal flaw in global cellular network


But it was originally developed back in the 1980s and is thus prone to attacks by more advanced technologies capable of bypassing its encryption. ... Even when strong carrier-specific encryption is present through advanced 3G or other connection types, hackers can still intercept calls and texts by requesting a temporary encryption key from the carrier. "...

$64M in Bitcoin was just stolen by hackers who targeted the NiceHash marketplace


- $64M in Bitcoin was just stolen by hackers who targeted the NiceHash marketplace Sunday, December 10, 2017 by: Ethan Huff bitcoin , cryptocurrency , cyber war , encryption , Glitch , hack , NiceHash , theft - (Natural News ) Another major cryptocurrency heist is being reported in this news, this time at an online Bitcoin marketplace known as NiceHash. ... NiceHash hack was ‘professional,’ involving ‘sophisticated social engineering,’ says head of marketing How someone could have broken ...